NASA Offering Free E-books for Your Reading Pleasure


Great news, science and NASA fans! If you enjoy reading about NASA and space exploration, you need to check out the fascinating array of literally hundreds of e-books which NASA is offering free to anyone who would like to download them!

To download some of these books on space exploration and other interesting topics, all you have to do is check out this webpage.

What are some of the topics and books you can download from NASA?

A popular book on Mars, titled The Difficult Road to Mars: A Brief History of Mars Exploration in the Soviet Union, is one of the free e-books NASA is offering that you might like to download for free.

Or, perhaps you would rather check out Wind Tunnels of NASA, and learn more about why NASA tests out experimental craft using wind tunnels.

Then, there’s the gem Aerospace Food Technology, which should be in the personal libraries of every NASA fan. Check it out, if you haven’t yet.

Some of the e-books have lengthy titles, like Life in the Universe: Proceedings of a conference held at NASA Ames Research Center Moffet Field, California, June 19-20, 197.

Even if you download one or more pdfs or e-books, and find it/them to be boring, what are you really out, money-wise? After all, the e-books are free!

Another e-book that looks like it’d be pretty cool is Exploring Space With a Camera. Or, if you’d like to learn about rockets and…people, check out the e-book Rockets and People.

Actually, in all truthfulness, this e-book is the autobiography of rocket designer Boris Chertok and a key history of the Soviet space program.

Yet another of the fascinating e-books at the site is one titled We Freeze to Please: A History of NASA’s Icing Research Tunnel and the Quest for Safety.

One caveat is that, as these books were placed online over the last decade, some of the formatting is relatively primitive. For example, many of the works have been broken up into tiny pieces, forcing one to click through page after page as you read.

Despite slight drawbacks, this webpage of e-books offered by NASA is a repository of useful and thought-provoking information, an electronic library of Alexandria (in miniature) for all of you flight aficionados.

To what extent did NASA once capture the public’s imagination?

NASA captures the imagination of the public today, to an extent; but, not to the degree it once did, when the United States and Russia were engaged in the “Space Race,” and wanted to be the first ones into space and then to land on the moon.

NASA spelled “innovation” and “wonder” to the public at large. Thanks to NASA’s interest in them, computing and solar energy were both pushed along. We have NASA to thank, as well, for a product that’s become rather mundane by now, velcro. America’s ideas about concepts like freedom, gender, aesthetics and the future were all influenced by NASA.

What are you waiting for, science and NASA fans? NASA is offering free e-books for your reading pleasure, so get to downloading them NOW!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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