Lindsay Lohan Gets Tough Questions from Oprah (Video)

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It’s premiering August 18, the interview many are waiting for. Oprah is sitting down with Lindsay Lohan on a docu-series about the rise and fall of a childhood star. The interview brings with it a level of intimacy and questions that are meant to cut to the core for Lohan. The video at the end of article offers sneak peaks into the tough interview that will be in store for Lohan.

“Are you an addict?” Oprah asks quite sternly. Lohan’s answers are not seen on the video, but Oprah’s tough questions are, which move into: “What does it feel like to be both and adjective and a verb for the child star gone wrong?” The ‘gone wrong’ for Lohan began in 2006 which she was hospitalized for exhaustion and dehydration.

This docu-series with Oprah will open a can of emotions for Lohan with tough hitting questions. Lohan’s troubles started when movie executives and co-stars complained about the excessive tardiness of the starlet. A year after her hospitalization, the ‘Just My Luck’ actress checked into a rehab center, looking to stave off an emotional decline. After her departure from the center, her behavior only became worse.

Lohan lost movie roles due to her inability to show up, remain consistent and sober. Later in 2007 she checked back into rehab, due to a history of drugs and alcohol. The promise of cleaning up was broken as Lohan landed again in handcuffs for drunk driving. After numerous drunk driving arrests, a judge tossed the book at her. The starlet was sentenced to the Lynwood Correctional Facility and infuriated the public when she was released after just 84 minutes, citing safety reasons.

In 2008, the troubled actress connected with New York DJ, Samantha Ronson. Lohan later shared the relationship was doomed from the start as, “Two toxic people cannot be together.” The former couple made their fights public and even attacked one another over Twitter, until finally ending the relationship in 2009. Lohan reports they are still friends.

In 2010 instead of reporting to court, the ‘Machete’ actress partied in France, further sending anger through dedicated fans who hoped Lohan was getting back on track. No shock, Lohan was arrested for violating her parole upon her arrival, still not taking her series of events as seriously as demanded. After a monitoring bracelet was placed on her ankle, the troubled actress failed two drug tests and was sent to rehab, again.

In 2011, the judge took harsher steps and placed Lohan under 120 days of house arrest and 480 hours of community service. These motions didn’t stop the actress as she continued to break probation and a minor $100,000 was set as a bail. A bail she met and was released back onto the streets. In 2012 things became scary for the ‘Liz and Dick’ actress when an ambulance was called for Lohan, who was found in her hotel room, unconscious. She skipped out of the hospital and went back to filming.

March of this year confirmed all the rowdy behavior and violent altercations while clubbing for Lohan. A judge sentenced Lohan to a mandatory 90 day stay in rehab and a continued 180 days of psychiatric counseling and community service. This extreme timeline continuously repeats, a pattern for Lohan.  A pattern, Oprah will focus on.

The tough questions from Oprah during the Lohan docu-series are warranted and here’s hoping Lilo keeps clean and stays away from trouble completely. The 90-day stay was the longest the star has been out of the spotlight and it seems from her appearance tonight on ‘E!’ with Chelsea Lately, she is looking to stay on track. Her fans are hoping she will remain dedicated to her path as long as they have been dedicated to her.

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