PRISM could be Obama’s Watergate

PRISM could be Obama’s Watergate

When whistleblower Edward Snowden released information to the UK Guardian, he unleashed a growing furor around the world.  What most Americans believed became fact.  Our government was violating the Constitution.  Could PRISM become Obama’s Watergate?

A grassroots movement has begun in at least 20 cities across the country.  It is being called “1984 Day,” named after George Orwell’s classic novel.  Protesters are demanding the ‘restoration of the 4th amendment.’

Signs were plentiful.  “1984 was a novel, not a playbook.”  “Stand with the 99%.”  “Big Brother is rising.”  “Whistleblower’s are Heroes.”  There were many more claiming Snowden is a hero, and members of our government are traitors.

The issue of invasion of our privacy is the tip of the iceberg.  Americans are angry with the inaction of Washington.  We are embarrassed by their childlike bickering.  And, although our elected officials think we are uninformed sheep, we are aware that they spend more time campaigning than performing the tasks for which they were elected.

Spying on our personal habits such as phone conversations and internet searches may be the catalyst which activates a usually lethargic American public.  This may become the cause that re-unites the United States of America.

At present the country remains divided on its view of Edward Snowden.  As new pieces of information are released, weight is shifting to the side of the whistleblowers, and away from the false claims of our government officials.

“By rallying this Sunday, we are sending a very loud message to our Representatives that to earn our trust they must restore the Fourth Amendment, and support the passage of legislation to revoke the NSA’s authorization to conduct mass surveillance of US and foreign citizens,” their website says.

Members of the GOP should be clamoring for the end of the NSA program.  They used to stand for ‘less government.’  But leaders of both parties falsely claim the program is necessary.

The people which make up the United States do not agree.  We see our country moving from a free society towards that of a dictatorial regime.  Our representatives don’t vote for us, they vote for their own interests.

Instead of working for us, our elected officials are attempting to rule over us.

The organization “1984 Day” will grow.  Will it become strong enough to take back our Constitutional rights, and give the country back to the people?  Will PRISM become Obama’s Watergate, and expose a joint effort by both parties to control our country’s people with the most lethal weapon of all, knowledge?

Alfred James reporting



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