Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe Say Goodbye to Parks and Recreation


Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe, Parks and Recreation

Season 6 of Parks and Recreation will be less two popular stars. Executive producer Mike Schur confirmed the news with ‘US Weekly’ advising today the eventual departure of Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe from the NBC prime-time show.

Schur released a statement:

The news about Rob and Rashida is true — they will be leaving the show after the 13th episode of the upcoming season six. We’ve been working on their storyline (on and off) for four seasons now, and heading into this year, with the two of them contemplating parenthood, it felt like a natural time to move them into the next phase.

We absolutely love both Rashida and Rob, and will be sad to see them go. Rashida was one of the very first people we knew we wanted in the cast, and as important as Ann is to Leslie (and vice-versa), she’ll certainly never be far from Pawnee. Rob we initially thought we could only have for six or eight episodes, and we couldn’t be happier that he will have stuck around for 75.

They are wonderful, funny, committed actors, they’ve been a huge part of the Parks and Rec family, and we think we have a great Pawnee send-off in the works for them.

Lowe is moving onto National Geographic pastures as he is slated to pick up the role of former President John F. Kennedy in the channel’s upcoming documentary called ‘Killing Kennedy.’ Jones has yet to comment on why she is leaving the show. Jones has been with Parks and Recreation since its debut, so it will be a painful good-bye for fans and stars alike who have come to love her character Ann.

Jones may seek out a path to producing full-time. The star produced 2012’s ‘Celeste & Jesse Forever’ with Will McCormack, starring Andy Samberg. The movie for Jones was a modest accomplishment, reaping in a total $3.1 million. Lowe is accustomed to coming into shows and making mid- season departures. The actor joined Parks and Recreation in season two and became a fan favorite as Chris Traeger. Previous to joining the Parks and Rec team, Lowe starred in ‘The West Wing’ and ‘Brothers and Sisters’ leaving each after about four seasons.

Atop of playing JFK Jr. in an upcoming release, the handsome actor will also play Ulysses S. Grant in the television mini-series called ‘To Appomattox.’ The actor is married to long-time love Sheryl Berkoff and have two children together, Matthew Edward and John Owen. The couple have not gone without strife but came out stronger for it. In 2008 Lowe was sued by a former nanny for 12 allegations including sexual harassment and labor violations. The courts dismissed the charges in 2009, a move pushed by the nanny. The actor has since rebounded and has made an impact attracting fans to the Parks and Rec show.

Schur suggests that Jones and Lowe will have their final good-bye in the 13th episode of Parks and Recreation. No word yet on the plot leading to the good-bye, but you can probably imagine if tears are included, they will be real from everyone who were close to these two stellar actors in the show. Much luck as each of them create another path in their remarkable careers.

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