Richard Branson Wants to Save Sharks

$20 trillion worth of natural resources and services a year

Richard Branson wants to save sharks

Richard Branson went to Mexico to save the sharks. He had experienced a frightening ordeal with a whale shark, where he went halfway inside the creature’s mouth.  He said that the shark did not bother much with him and just spat him out.  With this he realized that sharks are actually very friendly sea creatures.

In his research he has discovered that millions of sharks are brutally killed just for their fins to make fin soup which is a delicacy in some countries.

Richard has teamed up with campaigners from WildAID and Virgin Unite to stop the fishing of these precious sea creatures, whose extinction could be devastating to the ocean world and only man, would be to blame for that.

His fascination in helping out with the cause came from one of his favorite movies filmed by Rob Stewart Sharkwater. To help out Richard Branson in the cause of saving our precious sharks, you are more than welcome to join one of the links below.

Finished with fins –

Ocean Elders –

Carbon War Room –

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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