Ring the Bling with iPhone 5S Gold and New Features

Rumors suggest September 10 release announcement

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Tired of white or black as a base selection for phone colors? Apple is expanding those choices now with the upcoming release of the next iPhone generation. The softened gold tone offers a bling to the phone’s ring for those who want elegance. Apple seems to follow an annual pattern of releases during the month of September. As the leaves slowly change, customers are looking over to the tech giant for the newest release to hit the shelves with new features.

For the past few months, corresponding  reports have released rumors on the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. Both have become interchangeable, until recently when tech outlets started advising the versions would be completely different releases. The iPhone 5C is rumored to be a less expensive version of the iPhone 5S. Overall, it seems the iPhone 5S will be similar to the iPhone 5 with feature additions:

  • Fingerprint sensor- this idea isn’t far-fetched, especially since Apple recently acquired AuthenTec. The company specializes in biometrics and rumors suggest a folder labeled under “biometrickitUI” was located within the code of the iOS 7.
  • The A7 is suggested to be featured on the iPhone 5S, which would boost the battery life. Enhanced camera features are also reported, including targeting better pictures in low-light, something only Microsoft seemed to do extremely well.
  • Speaking of cameras, the iPhone 5S reportedly will also have AirDrop, allowing customers to share pictures with friends.
  • Of course, Gold is being introduced into the line-up of colors. On the iPhone 5C version, may suggest the C stands for colors and Apple may be looking to make a splash with color variations for the mid-range model release.
  • Siri is expected to receive a new look as well. The voice assistant will be equipped with a male or female voice selection, have a faster response time and will even search through Twitter.

CNET reports that iPhone 5S and 5C is suggested to arrive for sale in Japan on September 20.  This date is listed as 10 days after the release in the United States, hinting at an early September release. The same time additional competitors like Galaxy Note III with the Galaxy Gear watch and LG is slated to release their own updated phones. The holiday season will be favored with so many releases due to arrive. Apple introducing Gold into the mix, offers an additional merry method of gift-giving.

Based on a parts dealer in Japan and their leaked photos, the iPhone 5S Gold color is more of a muted champagne. It is expected to earn favor for many customers. Overall, if consumers are expected massive changes, it is suggested that would be seen in the 2014 reported release of the iPhone 6. Rumors also suggest during that time, Apple might just be working on a 6-inch display phone.

Courtesy of ACSII Plus (via Nowereelse.fr) from parts dealer Mouamntai. Three new colors
Courtesy of ACSII Plus (via Nowereelse.fr) from parts dealer Mouamntai. Featuring Gold

With so much excitement in the smartphone air; from color additions, Siri upgrades and the iOS 7, many customers are looking to own another piece of Apple technology. If reports are correct, consumers can expect an announcement from Apple in less than three weeks regarding the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C. Ring the bling with the Gold addition and brand new features.

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