Steve Jobs Biopic Starts Friday: the Critics Have Spoken [Video]

The Master of Innovation

The Master of InnovationThe long awaited movie, Jobs, which is based on the life of the master of innovation, Steve Paul Jobs opens to the public this Friday. People all over the world share part in his legacy on a daily basis through a myriad of Apple products. The on screen production will cover Jobs’ life from around the age of 16 through the year 2001 when he created the iPod. Ashton Kutcher has the lead role in the movie, and according to early reviews, did a great job.

The critics have already began to complain about all of the things that were not included in the movie but with all that Steve accomplished in his life there is no way a two hour movie could properly do the Master of Innovation justice. He overcame a host of set-backs that would have caused many others to give up.

There are many ways this giant in the digital industry will continue to touch the lives of so many he never met simply by the principles he chose to live by. In conjunction with the release of the Jobs’ biopic, this is a great time to point out a few life lessons that can be gained by the way Steve lived.

  • People must not allow what they see to limit their life: Steve was born to parents who weren’t married, at birth he was put up for adoption and as intelligent as he was he ended up being a college drop out.  After all this, he still managed to change the world. The problem with most people is they see themselves differently than Steve saw himself. Everyone has the ability, if they can raise their view or perception of themselves above their circumstances, to impact the world. People must stop looking at and judging themselves by their current position in life; instead they must imagine what could be and work in that direction.
  • People must not allow their belief system to limit their life: Many people are hindered by their belief system. Steve had to believe that something like Apple, Inc. could actually become a reality. It was only conceived because he had the guts to believe in his dream. It takes a certain type of person to tap into their passion and believe that what they envision can has enough value to touch someone other than themselves.
  • People must now allow the actions of others to limit their life: No doubt Steve felt betrayed when the company he helped develop fired him. While he was packing his things and pondering what his next move might be, surely he was disappointed, hurt and let down. The difference with Steve and another is even though his work status changed,  he didn’t let that stop him.  A coworker said he remembered Steve saying, after he’d packed his things and was leaving the office, “He’d be back sooner or later.”  What he chose to do as oppose to succumb to the feelings he was facing, was speak in the direction he wanted to go instead of where he found himself at the moment. The battle of life is won or lost by what the owner believes and acts upon; not anyone else.

There were many questions as it related to Apple, Inc. when Steve passed but one thing that all could agree on is the power of vision. One man’s dream changed the course of history. Of course, people are only a strong as the dream team they surround themselves with but the leader of the team must guard  that dream as they would a newborn baby. People only get one shot at life so why not make it last long after they are gone.

As Kutcher stated in a recent speech on the Teen Choice Awards, everyone has the same capabilities as the next person; so instead of living life people should work on building a life. People must develop a vision for their life; then foster that vision by creating a life or legacy that will live long after they have gone on.


By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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