Stop Hating on Lamar Odom [Video]

Khloe is Standing by Her Man

Managing StressIt’s time to stop hating on Lamar Odom. People have been all over him for the past week. So what he disappeared and doesn’t have a team. Unless it’s someone with enough influence to persuade him to get help – so what about his drug issues.

Odom is finally home with his wife, Khloe. It has been reported that he has yet to make an agreeable decision about his drug addiction issues. He apparently went back home and is addressing things with his wife who is determined to stick by her man and help him get things back on track..

Stress has affected everyone at some point in their lives. They may not have disappeared or turned to drugs but they have faced stressors that have impacted their mind and behavior. Stress has the ability to produce emotions and thoughts that can change a confident person into an indecisive and non-effective individual.

Stress is not a disease that one cures; instead it is a condition that people experience and manage. Studies confirm that stress has the ability to tear away at every bodily system; not just the mind. The way a person relates to past stressful experiences tends to amplify the way they will react to future stressful issues.

Resilience is the primary key to thriving in life as opposed to surviving. Everyone gets knocked down at times. What determines an effective comeback is what people say to themselves about their situation. Here are a few things to consider the next time someone finds themselves facing a stressful situation:

  • Failure is not final: People tend to think failure isolates them from others. Failure is the price people pay on the way to greatness. Failure doesn’t alienate people; instead it confirms their humanity. People move past instances of failure when they are truthful about their issues and shortcomings.
  • Be strong and truthful about weak points: Transparency is the secret to a successful life. The perfect person does not exist. People should instantly become suspicious about anyone who claims differently. People are yearning for authenticity. When people are open and honest about their process others will respect it.
  • Embrace your circle of influence: People love to do the opposite. When things get rough and people have failed in an area they usually become introverts. They avoid going to events or the usual hangouts because of embarrassment. If the people in your circle are really the ones that should be there, they will have no problem with the unfavorable portions of your process. Let them in, and if they qualify, allow them to help level the experience.
  • Rebound quickly: Rough seasons can deflate the best of people. Don’t waste too much time with a pity party; get back up and on the road to recovery. Getting up and getting back in the game, more times than not, is the best medicine.

Stress is a necessary part of life. It provides challenges that allow people to learn about their strengths and weakness. Stress reveals one’s ability to handle pressure. When managed properly it can push people to do their best.

As is seen in the Odom saga, stress can be constructive or destructive. It has the ability to move people along or stop them dead in their tracks. It’s important that people don’t panic and remember that they are well able to handle life’s curve balls.

Even though no concrete decision has been made on getting the necessary treatment for his issues, it has been reported that Odom is now open to hear what those in his circle have to say.

Khloe has made it clear that she is not interested in divorcing Odom and is committed to his recovery process. Odom was seen out taking a picture with a fan on Monday night and seemed to be in good spirits.

Life throws curve balls and sometimes people swing and miss. The important thing is not to get lost in the miss but to keep swinging until a connection is made.

So what he went missing, so what he has no team and so what he has an addiction. It’s time to stop hating on Odom; instead wish him well in whatever direction life affords him and Khloe.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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