Syrian Electronic Army Site Taken Down by Domain Host

technology, u.s., Syrian electronic army, sea, cited terms and conditions as a result to suspend the account of the Syrian Electronic Army. The infamous hacker group has left an impressive trail of hacked websites in their wake. Most recently, was the Huffington Post, the New York Times and even social media outlet, Twitter. The hacker group left a tweet up today advising that “ suspended our account,” and the group stated they would be offline for a few hours. After numerous searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, it appears the Syrian Electronic Army website remains offline.

The Syrian Electronic Army also known as the SEA is pushing serious buttons. This comes on the cusp of the Obama administration looking to bolster efforts to go to war with the country. A move that could create chaos in America and across the globe; Russia has even advised the States to keep away from inflicting a war stance. The hackactivism group had spoke against the potential war efforts and blamed the media for spreading false information. SEA took to Twitter to advise the “Media is going down.”

After the SEA website was suspended by the domain host, the group advised they started a Facebook page:

Syrian Electronic Army Site Taken Down by Domain Host

The SEA has taken control of media giants like Associated Press (AP), posting previous messages in April that an explosion hit the White House. The news reacted strongly in the stock markets, seeing a drastic downturn for the day. The White House had released a statement, debunking the statement and placing blame on the hacking group. When the SEA corresponded with The Vice magazine, they stated they reserve their attacks for “malicious media, especially those who refuse to cover both sides of the war.”

In addition to the AP, other media powerhouses and organizations had also come under attack: CBS, Sky News Arabia, E!, BBC Twitter accounts, Twitter, New York Times, Huffington Post, The Onion Twitter account, Reuters, Al-Jazeera English, 60 Minutes and even celebrity accounts like Angelina Jolie’s account. The group stated the appointed ambassador is “under the ‘humanitarian’ cover, only serve American imperialism.”

One noted attack was against UK based the Guardian. Once the Guardian reported that the SEA was funded by Assad’s billionaire cousin, the group took offense. The SEA hacked and seized control over Guardian Twitter feeds, nearly a dozen came under the hacker group’s control. The SEA stated the British media outlet did nothing more than spread, “lies and slander about Syria.”

The suspension of their online website is not new to the SEA. They have undergone other suspensions from domain hosts, citing terms and conditions. In addition, some of their domain names such as, and a few others had been seized by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. The group continues to forge ahead, a move that is suggested to continue. A California based Chief Technology Officer, Michael Fey stated that media outlets are influential and with this, they can expect to endure more attacks. is the most recent host to ban the SEA from posting on their domain, but further yet is the idea, the group will continue. From denial of service attacks, social engineering and trojan attacks, the SEA has made their presence known. Their mission and idealism is still questioned, they have made references to the West and the Obama administration many times, blaming the administration for trying to create a bloody war. The SEA has reached out to Americans to wake up and see the evil in the White House. The group has also targeted media outlets, stating media stories are the crux of problems. Online media companies continue to review their security information, and wait and hope their own digital account doesn’t come under attack.

Angelina Bouc


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