Teen Runs for City Council in Lewiston, Idaho

Teen Runs for City Council in Lewiston, Idaho

Jesse Maldonado, at only the young age 18 he has announced his candidacy for Lewiston City Council on Tuesday August 6th.  Elections aren’t held until November but already Maldonado is creating quite the buzz. He recently graduated from Lewiston High School and he will also begin courses at Lewis-Clark State College at the end of this month. “I believe that people my generation, and soon to be others, is indisputably the future of this society.”Says Maldonado, “And they shouldn’t wait until they’re a politicians stereotypical age.” There are 4 spots up for election. In Lewiston, the seats are decided by general public, which the top 4 vote participants win the spots. For Jesse Maldonado, his youth and inexperience will present some unique challenges for him, if he is elected. Jesse Maldonado promotes a new age for young generations, paving a road of inspiration and motivation.

“Our younger generations usually don’t get involved and are under the impression that matters of the City lay with the older generations. They are as much an element to our City as their elders, they need to speak up, I want to be that voice,” says Maldonado, he announced that one of his goals is to advance the economy of Lewiston in hopes of keeping families, especially young ones, from venturing away from the area. “I think this generation will be searching for somebody who truly represents them,” says Maldonado.

For 11 year old, Sandpoint resident, Maiah Mccorckle, hearing about Jesse Maldonado is an inspiration, “I thought you had to be old to do something like that.” Maiah said she was amazed when she heard how young he was. She says she’s still not sure what she wants to be when she gets older, there are so many choices, but she does know now that age won’t have to be an obstacle. “I think it is really great he is going to be a voice for the people that usually just get viewed as just kids.”

Currently those who hold title to City Councilor are Clinton Daniel, Jim Kleeburg, Dennis Ohrtman, Ged Randall and Thyra Stevenson. Ged Randall’s was a firefighter for all of 27 years that he lived in the Lewiston area and then went on to become secretary for the safety committee until he retired in the year of 2002.  Kleeburg has remained involved in various civic and community groups since his arrival in Lewiston in 1985. Ohrtman retired as a high school teacher in Lewiston where he taught Spanish and journalism from 1981-2009. Before that he taught at LCSC, where he met his wife who coincidentally was one of his students, from 1969-1981. Thyra Stevenson was class valedictorian in 1962 from Lewiston High School, after graduating she became an airline Captain and when commercial flights didn’t seem to fit she became a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Aircraft Commander, in support of the U.S. Coast Guard, which she still proudly serves today.

Even with the experiences and achievements of his predecessors’ Jesse Maldonado isn’t detoured from reaching his goals as City Council. “I am in this for the people, truly and honestly one hundred percent.” Lewiston could very well be looking at adding the youngest member Lewiston has ever had, to their council.

Written By: KyAuna Alonzo

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