Facebook Facelift Trend Has Increased: Price and Status [video]

How Much is Your Profile Picture Worth?

How Much is Your Profile Picture Worth?The number of people getting facelifts for FaceBook is growing.  In India and other places around the globe many are going through the pain and expense of elective plastic surgery just to make their FaceBook profile more appealing.

The numbers are especially high in India because many of them are using FaceBook to find their lifelong mates.  That’s not far-fetched when the numbers for couples who meet on FaceBook continues to rise.  Online dating has become very popular worldwide.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Ajay Kashyap, these are not the average ‘Hollywood’ facelifts.  Instead, they are fairly minor procedures that the younger crowd is having done just to improve their profile pictures on FaceBook and other social media outlets

FaceBookers are going under the knife for things such as chin augmentation, laser skin treatments, rhinoplasty and chemical peels.  The thought process behind this is they can’t find friends or make connections on FaceBook if they don’t look good.

The reports from these youngsters are that they are getting more marriage proposals as a result of the surgeries.  One lady says she wanted to lighten her complexion so she had a chemical peel procedure done.  Another wanted to rid her face of some of the bumps so she opted for laser surgery. It’s testimonies like these that are fueling this trend.

For many the right FaceBook profile is paramount.   It’s their image; it gives the outside world a glimpse of who they are.  It also serves as a part of their brand or what a possible employer sees.  But for a great deal of others it lets potential mates know if they are hot or not.

While it’s more common for women to get nose jobs, eyebrow lifts or lip injections; many men are going for laser treatments for hair removal and chin augmentation surgery.  All of these are important especially for the new craze of video chatting.  As a person moves their mouth to speak all of these so called imperfections become more obvious.

India is no stranger to plastic surgery, it’s been deemed as one of its pioneering countries. Many of India’s surgeons have greatly contributed to the enhancement and advancement of plastic surgery.  Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as nose jobs, was first developed in India; as were nose and ear piercings.

Dr. Kashyap says that Indians are very accepting of looking good through artificial methods.  He says for many Photoshop is no longer enough.  Photoshop is a temporary method but once people decide to further a connection the “Photoshopped” profile picture can’t show up on a date.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Anip Dhir says this fad is quickly growing and as a result he’s anticipating the price will grow as well. Experts said more and more professionals are also choosing facelift options.  They want to project the best possible image of themselves to the public eye.

The FaceBook profile photo must be appealing and must showcase one’s best features.  People have the power to choose the way they represent themselves and as a result the profile picture option on many social media networks is much more complicated.  Not to mention more costly. While chemical peel and laser work procedures carry a price of about $500, augmentations of the chin are upward $2000.

People want others to notice them.  Society holds outward appearance at such a high standars that ‘wannabes’ will go through great lengths to become part of the accepted status quo.  It’s all about identity; what a person thinks about themselves versus what they want others to feel about them.

Many claimed that before the arrival of FaceBook and other networks they never noticed their many “deficiencies” but spending so much time on social media has increased their awareness. In an effort to increase FaceBook ‘friends’ or followers or other social media channels, people are willing to do more than one could imagine, or in some cases, afford.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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