Total Divas Battling Each Other with Axes

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Total Divas Battling Each Other with Axes

You might have missed the Total Divas for a while, but today they could be seen hashing it out once more. The WWE divalicious stars were not at each others throats this time, but trying their hand at a completely different type of contest. They were actually battling each other with axes. However, it was not about who could throw the other of balance first, but who could chop the most wood. The whole wood chopping massacre was between team Diva Nikki and hottie Brie Bella against WWE strength-a-nator John Cena and run-while-you-still-can Daniel Bryan. The whole idea was to have a mano a mano battle, or in this case axe against axe, and men versus women. They had to chop wood in three minutes. Needless to say, the one who chopped the most, won. Therefore, it was quite a sight to see; the Total Divas battling each other with axes, as long as there are no prisoners.

While it might have seemed hopeless for the hot ladies, they definitely knew how to tame the man beast. They came prepared. Did they bring some other burly guys? Did they use a robot to help them, or some other clever way to beat them? None of the above. They actually used their bodies. They used their assets in such away that the men could not help to look at them, and maybe even lose the wood chopping contest.

What was it that they were wearing? They strode out of Bryan’s house in nothing more than super tight skinny jeans, and bikini tops that did not hide any of their assets. It was pretty clear that these firecracker women knew exactly what they were doing, and how they would do it. Their plan of attack did not seem flawed, but was it enough to actually win? The Total Divas might not be battling each other, but they were definitely going for some price with their axes.

The girls decided not to start at the same time and play tag team. Brie is the first one to grind the axe and give it her full force. She actually does a great job. However, the ladies are not able to continue in this first position because Nikki is not doing so well. At one point, she exclaims: “I just hit myself in my vagina.” Arguably, this reveals quite a few things about Nikki. She might not be a classy lady, knowing what to say at what time, but she is really sincere and wants her audience to know exactly what is going on with her at any given time. We do not see enough of that these days.

The burly men know their girls well, and did come with their own act in order to surprise them and hopefully throw them off their game as well. Taking off shirts revealed their big and very well-trained muscles, which they had no problem flexing. John was able to do a very good job, and had the wood flying past everybody’s face.

We are sadly not allowed to reveal you the end of this women versus men face off, but if you are curious about the Total Divas battling each other with axes, then it would be wise to tune in to E! on Sunday at 10/9 c.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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