Tracy McGrady Retired From the NBA Monday


On Monday, Tracy McGrady, of the San Antonio Spurs, who is a seven-time NBA All-Star, said he’s retiring. Overseas play, though, is still an option he’s leaving open, as it’s a very lucrative source of additional income.

After playing 16 seasons in the NBA, Tracy McGrady tweeted on Monday:

Thank all of you who have supported me over 16 NBA seasons, 7 All-Stars, and countless exciting moments. Retiring from NBA. Stay tuned.”

Known for his “sleepy-looking” eyes, as well as his awesome shooting ability, one of his most famous accomplishments in the NBA was when he was playing for Houston in 2004 and shot 13 points in only 35 seconds.

In an interview about his retirement, McGrady told ESPN’s program, “First Take”:

It’s been 16 years playing the game I love. I’ve had a great run, but it’s time for it to come to an end.”

McGrady was one of the few players who were ever drafted straight out of high school. His first year in the NBA was all the way back in 1997.

During his career, Tracy McGrady was the league scoring champ twice. Before He joining the Spurs for their playoff run, McGrady played for China.

While with the San Antonio Spurs, the only action McGrady saw was playing 31 minutes in six games. McGrady didn’t score any point during those six games, though he did manage to grab eight rebounds.

By comparison, when he played for the Atlanta Hawks the season before, McGrady averaged 16.1 minutes and 5.3 points. In Detroit, for the Pistons just before he joined the Hawks, McGrady averaged 23.4 minutes and eight points per game.

When McGrady led the league in scoring in 2002-03, he played about 40 minutes per game and was the league leader averaging 32.1 points per game. Then, in 2004-04, he was again the league leader, with an average of 28 points per game.

Though McGrady signed up with the Spurs this past April, he has been injury-plagued of late, and he didn’t get to contribute as much as he wanted to for them as they shot their way into the NBA finals.

According to McGrady in his interview on ESPN’s “First Take” he really had wanted the opportunity to help the Spurs and he felt a sense of disappointment that things didn’t work out.

He said in the interview:

When we were in the Finals and Manu [Ginobili] was struggling, I felt I could contribute, absolutely.”

However, he admitted that the management of the San Antonio Spurs told him he would only be used as an “insurance policy” if they really needed his services to ensure a victory. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t see any minutes on the floor.

Is McGrady considering playing overseas, like for, say, China? According to McGrady about this possibility:

Officially retired from the NBA. Door’s still open.”

Tracy McGrady, one of the NBA’s best players when he was in his prime, retired on Monday, but his career highlights will live on in the memories of his fans for a long time to come.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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