Usher’s Ex Wife Tameka Raymond Losing Custody War in Court Today

But Gets an Usher Hug


Usher’s ex-wife has one serious question before her emergency  custody hearing, how the hell is it possible to let a 5-year-old nearly  drown if you’re supposed to be babysitting him? and only Usher’s aunt can  answer it … but she’s nowhere to be found.

Sources has said that Tameka Raymond attempted to serve Usher’s  aunt Rena with a subpoena to testify at the custody hearing today, where  Tameka will argue she deserves primary custody of her and Usher’s two sons,  but Rena couldn’t be tracked down.

Tameka wanted Rena at the  hearing so her lawyers could ask about what led up to the near-drowning of her  5-year-old son on Monday … when Rena was supposed to be watching him … but  without the subpoena, Rena doesn’t have to show up.

Even without Rena,  however, Tameka has plenty of ammo to fight for custody and were told her  biggest weapon is that there was no drain cover on the pool the day Usher  Raymond V nearly drowned.

As reported, the 5-year-old got his arm  caught in the drain and nearby contractors had to dive in to save him. Rena  called 911.

Usher currently has primary custody of the ex-couple’s two  sons … but Tameka hopes to change that today.
Usher has denied every allegation his ex-wife has made in her  motion to wrestle custody away from the singer in the wake of Usher  Raymond V’s nearly fatal pool accident, he’s even denied she’s a good  mom.

In the docs, Usher is not specific about what  he’s denying … he just denies, denies, denies.

Tameka  Raymond made various allegations, including that Usher was an absentee  parent for 85% of the month, that his aunt failed to properly supervise the boy  at the swimming pool, and that he has said he’d prefer that the nanny raise his  kids.  Usher denied everything.

And there’s this, Tameka claims  she’s a capable mother.  Usher denied that, too.

Usher’s lawyer shot back, insisting Usher’s a great dad and the  children are thriving with him, despite the recent pool accident … which,  Usher argued, could have happened to anybody.

During  questioning, Tameka broke down in tears talking about her son’s accident, saying  she didn’t know if her child suffered permanent brain or heart  damage.

For your info, Usher Raymond V is still in the hospital.  Tameka claimed it’s because of  lingering complications, including a low heart rate. Usher said it’s because he  doesn’t want his son discharged before doctors are 100% sure he’s  okay.

In the end, the judge sided with Usher, ruling the current custody  order should stay in place,  meaning Usher keeps primary custody, and Tameka  gets a little.

After a bitterly contentious hearing and drama surrounding the near-death of  their son, Usher showed an unbelievably classy move in court  Friday.  Hugging his ex-wife Tameka after the judge dismissed her request for  primary custody.

Pretty shocking … especially  considering the painfully awkward silence that preceded the hearing.


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