Whitney Houston and Her One Moment in Time

The Birthday Of Whitney

Whitney Houston and Her One Moment in Time

Today is the Birthday of Whitney Houston. All around mega star and unfortunately, also famous for her drug addiction. Whitney sadly isn’t here to celebrate her 50th. Houston died, at age 48, in February, 2012. The strange part was that it was on the eve of the Grammy Awards, the award show she has so much history with. A huge loss, the world might never hear such a warm, strong and great voice ever again. Therefore, we have selected five songs that gave us chills, made us dance around and changed us for the better. We hope that you feel the same, and if we should have changed one for another song that you feel connected to most, let us know, and we will happily add it to the list. These songs sum up her one moment in time best:

  1. ‘Saving All My Love for You,’ was the very first song that Whitney won a Grammy with. It was also her first number one hit and all of this happened during the magical Houston year of 1986. She won ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for ‘Saving All My Love,’ and Dionne Warwick announced Whitney’s name on stage. This was for most people not such a special thing, but for Whitney it was. Dionne is her cousin and made it all the more special for her.
  2. However, the more upbeat and energetic ‘I wanna Dance with Somebody,’ made her into a loveable superstar. The song and the accompanying video was so cutesy and fun that most people couldn’t help but wanting to dance with Whitney. The song did so well that Whitney was the first female artist to have an album debut at the number one spot on the Billboard 200.
  3. All of this fun and cutesy stuff was followed by a more serious song. We are talking: ‘One Moment In Time.’ The song that was created for the 1988 Summer Olympics. The song has been played during that year over and over, but nobody seemed to get enough of it. It’s such an iconic song that is true about any situation, even the Olympics. Whitney Houston received an Emmy Award for it and opened the 31st Grammy Awards in 1989 because of it, therefore adding extra layers to her one moment in time.
  4. Some might say this song needs to be on the top of the list, while others might argue that after a certain point Whitney wasn’t able to sing this song as it deserved to be sung. We are talking about Dolly Parton’s: ‘I Will Always Love You.’ The song was part of the movie that Whitney starred in: ‘The Bodyguard.’ The film is about a famous star who needs to be protected. Kevin Costner plays the bodyguard and Whitney’s love interest. The song is considered to be her most iconic song and she received several Grammy’s for it. The title of the song is etched on her headstone, I Will Always Love You.
  5. The song that completes this list would be ‘I Look to You.’ It was the song that she came back with after seven years of not producing anything in the studio. The song also confirmed that Whitney still had a great and solid voice.

How will you celebrate Whitney’s Birthday and her one moment in time?

By Georgina Pijttersen


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