World’s Oldest Man Found Born in Bolivia 1890 [Video]

World’s Oldest Man Found Born in Bolivia 1890

Could this be the world’s oldest man?

Carmelo Flores Laura from Le Paz, Bolivia, currently believed to be the world’s oldest man, has been discovered alive and well and living in Bolivia.  Laura was born on the 16 July 1890 and still has his official certificate of baptism to prove it.

Last month, Laura had just reached the ripe old age of 123, according to his country’s civil registry and he is currently recorded as the world’s oldest person alive.  When he was born, the civil registry did not even exist until 1940, when birth certificates became the official form of identification.

World's Oldest Man Certificate

He lives alone, as it appears everyone else had left the area a decade ago.  Laura has also outlived his wife, who also passed away ten years ago.

According to reports, Laura is still pretty energetic taking long walks every day, without the aid of a walking stick or even any glasses.

But you don’t need to check the reports – you can see for yourself here:

Laura, who is said to have 3 children, sixteen grandchildren and thirty-nine great-grandchildren was in his early twenties at the outbreak of the Great War (World War I).  He was a sexagenarian by the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Coronation.

When asked the secret of his longevity, he told the Bolivian television channel, Rede Uno, that he had survived on a lifetime’s diet of wild quinoa, foxes, lizards and pork rinds.  He would generally eat whatever he would find in the wild, including skunk meat.

There is definitely something to be said for a diet rich in proteins and amino acids, provided the animal protein is not fortified with hormones, artificial additives and fed on genetically modified organisms.

Written by: Brucella Newman

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