Zimbabwe Mourns Under Robert Mugabe [Video]


A Zimbabwe citizen exhibited mourns upon hearing the controversial announcement under which Robert Mugabe was re-elected. There was no dancing in the streets as the 89-year-old statesman extended a 33-year rule for five more years. Mugabe has been president since Zimbabwe’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1980 and has said to have won re-election in a landslide victory.

“Instead of celebration there is national mourning in this country. And surprisingly the mourning is not only the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change), the mourning is actually national including Zanu-PF (Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front) because can you imagine from now….what is the future of my children, what is the future of every household?” said Morgan Tsvangirai, defeated leader of the MDC. “What is the economic, social and political future of this country? That is the preoccupying moment for Zimbabwe. Are we sliding back to 2008, are we moving forward to new opportunities? All that hope has now been dashed.”

Mugabe has practiced the business of indigenization in requiring foreign companies based in the region to grant 51% of shares for local ownership. The practice doesn’t bode well for a country in economic recovery and risks investors thinking twice before doing business with the nation. In addition, the millions made from the country’s diamond field businesses, designated for the national treasury, were said to have helped fund Mugabe’s re-election movement.

Observers have postulated that Mugabe’s use of an elaborate vote rigging scheme has effectively frozen opposing parties out of contention with his leadership. Under Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe citizens mourn for better economic opportunities. Mugabe supporters have pointed out the strong ties with China in driving economic growth for the nation. China had been previously interested in the regions natural resources.

“Clearly the MDC has been weakened and will not be participating in government, [so] Mugabe’s Zanu-PF will have unfettered access to the resources of the country and it’s institutions, as was the case in the 80’s. We are going to see a parochial, unchecked, economy developing with the marginalization of any progressive-thinking Zimbabweans,” said Vince Musewe, a Harare based economist. “The economy is once again going to be raped through indigenization and the return of political favors.”

Musewe contended, “Zanu-PF simply doesn’t care and now that they are in control arrogance is going to increase. I expect things not to get any better economically or politically. In fact they may get a little worse. However, the above will only happen if Mugabe is alive and in control. At his death I think the party is going to implode and this means that we must wait and hope.”

Robert Mugabe has Led Zimbabwe under a depressed economy due to his own thirst for power and the country of Zimbabwe mourns in his landslide re-election. Critics argue that the win was the result of elaborate vote rigging schemes and plan to fight through the courts. However, many see this as a useless attempt because of the endorsement by regional bodies of their impression of a free and peaceful election turnout.

By Thomas Barr

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