Faces of Facebook App Goes Live with 1.2 Billion Users

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In celebration of reaching over 1 billion users on the hottest social media platform, Facebook had released their 90 minute video last year celebrating the event. In current times there is another celebrating the event. Technologist Natalia Rojas located a way within the programming interface to lift pictures of every single Facebook user and combine it into a bit of a masterpiece. From these pictures, she wanted to deliver something “beautiful.”  Users can accept permissions and locate their order in the splattered, pixelated realm of chronological order from the Facebook masses (the app link is at the end of the article).

Rojas describes herself as a “creative technologist freelance,” who works explore the deep measures of interactivity. The Faces of Facebook is the largest undertaking the freelancer has handled. She created the project from her tools and resources along with two friends who helped her piece the information together.

The Faces of Facebook app is housed within its own website, created by Rojas. A user can opt to look specifically for their face. The location information, states Rojas, is not maintained within their server and there is no worries of security issues. The server has crashed a few times with the millions of people visiting the site, so if down, be sure to try again. Once the facial recognition kicks in, you may see some friends currently on Facebook.

The site is a fun way to celebrate a huge milestone completed by Facebook last year on reaching over 1 billion confirmed users on the largest platform for interactive social media. Zuckerberg celebrated the moment surrounded by fans in Russia when he was approaching closer to the number.

Zuckerberg’s fame and success did not come without trouble and allegations of stealing an idea from Harvard buds Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra. The two parties sat down and hammered out a settlement that to this day, remains undisclosed. In 2004, it was Zuckerberg who registered the facebook.com domain. The soon to be multi-millionaire was advised by none other than Sean Parker, the former co-founder of Napster.

With the guidance from an experienced mind, Zuckerberg paved a path of success in the world of social media. Within six months of the Facebook launch, over one million members were officially signed. Facebook worked its way on the social digital map after the company acquired Instagram in a stunner $1 billion deal.

The amount of users continued to skyrocket, and finally on February 12, Zuckerberg announced his company’s IPO filing to go public. While the starting share price raised eyebrows, it eventually evened out and the shares for Facebook continue to remain strong. MyLife detailed a pictorial chronicle of the rise and development of Facebook (linked at the end of this article.) It is only natural another brilliant mind would review the genius of Facebook to create something pretty amazing.

Rojas developed the Faces of Facebook app to connect and bring a sense of solidarity to the users of the social media platform. The remarkable path of Facebook will forever mark a changing path in technology, communications, interactivity and digital development. It will continue to change the way people connect, either next door or across the globe. Take a jaunt over to the site and see if you can locate yourself from the pool of over a billion people.

The web page appears in this format.
The web page appears in this format.


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