Amanda Bynes Hacked Drake will be Relieved

Amanda Bynes Hacked Drake Relieved

It was reported earlier today that Amanda Bynes had tweeted from her psychiatric hospital that she loved Drake. It was on her verified Twitter account making it look like she was up to her old tricks. It turns out that her account was hacked and she never sent the tweet. Drake will be relieved.

The tweet said: “I love Drake.” And on Saturday when it was posted on the microblogging site, it had been re-tweeted well above 20,000 times.

But the 27 year-old ex-Nickelodeon star’s attorney, Tamar Armanak says it wasn’t Amanda. Speaking to RadarOnline, Armanak informed the web site that Amanda’s verified Twitter account had been hacked.

Armanak explained that Bynes did not have access to computers or her cell phone while she was on psychiatric hold at the UCLA Medical Center.

The tweet and Amanda’s attorney explaining that it could not have come from her, follows the news that her confinement had been extended for twelve months. That means that she may not be released until sometime in 2014.

Drake will no doubt be relieved at the news that Amanda Bynes’ Twitter account was hacked and she did not tweet her love for the singer. At the beginning of August this year, Drake said that Amanda’s tweets bothered him.

Before Amanda was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold, she tweeted constantly about Drake. On of her more graphic tweets said that she wanted the 26 year-old singer/songwriter to “murder my vagina.” When the performer did not take her up on her offer, she went on one of her infamous Twitter rants.

Amanda soon forgave Drake and went back to tweeting nice things about him. In an interview with XXL magazine he said that he thought they were weird and disturbing.

While Amanda’s involuntary psychiatric hold has been extended by 12 months, sources have said that she probably will not have to stay for the entire time period. It has been rumored that she will be in the medical center for an additional 60 days and then be moved to her mother’s house.

Earlier in the week, Amanda’s attorney had to make another statement to the press about information released by the publicist Jonathan Jaxson. It was alleged that he represented Bynes and was making statements said to be from the troubled star.

Armanak spoke to E! News and explained the Jaxson did not represent Amanda, This followed an announcement made by the star’s mother which also said Jaxson had no connection to her daughter.

The statements came after the publicist gave an “official” statement to Entertainment Tonight about Amanda’s condition on Friday. Jonathan Jaxson has prior for claiming to be a publicist for the stars. In 2011 he made statements on behalf of Kim Kardashian and was shut down after she hired a lawyer.

The Twitter world was initially excited about Amanda Bynes’ return to her old stomping ground. But the news that her account had been hacked while she was in the medical center disappointed her Twitter followers. But Drake will be relieved to know that, for now, he is not the object of Amanda’s affection.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom