Anti-Fascist Rapper Murdered in Front of Police [Video]

Greece Stabbing

Pavlos Fyssas, a Greek rapper, was murdered in front of police by a member of the neo-fascist sect, Golden Dawn Party. Pavlos was stabbed in the heart and observers reported the police stood by doing nothing to stop it. Pavlos’s girlfriend was with him during the attack and comforted him as he lay near a group of officers that witnessed the clash.

Pavlos’s music voiced the indecencies of far-right groups and exposed the decadence of organizations with neo-fascist links. His lyrics were critical of the rising fascism that seemed to permeate the culture in Greece. Witnesses reported that Pavlos was watching a soccer game in a nearby café before he was fatally stabbed in front of police.

Giorgos Roupakias, 45, is the reported suspect in the killing of the Greek rapper and is a member of Golden Dawn. The group’s core movement is against immigrants. They have been vocal of Pakistan and North African people who displace them for jobs. Their politics call for a restoration of jobs and societal order. They represent the voice of a marginalized sect in Greece and have a large following in the rough areas of the community.

Pavlos’s mother was not present at the scene but affirmed the anti-fascist rapper was murdered in front of police near the café. It was reported that 35 member appeared at the scene before the killing of her son. She asserts that 12 police were present and did nothing to hinder the attack on her son as he matriculated at the café with friends.

Observers speculate that the Golden Dawn have infiltrated the police and other governmental institutions. Many sympathize with their politics and philosophy which is evident in the swell in numbers of the movement in recent years. Officials deny any connection with the group and down play assertions that they have been infiltrated.

“The aim of the Greek police is for there to be no shadow over the force,” said Christos Parthenis, police spokesman. “The stance of the Greek police opposite every incident of violence or lawlessness in nonnegotiable: full investigation, zero tolerance and unwavering enforcement of the law.” The police have been adamant that they are approaching the investigation with zeal.

Greek police unions are not surprised with the allegations that officers sympathize with the Golden Dawn philosophy. They are aware of the complaints and do blame government officials for not addressing problems in the police organization. Christos Fotopoulos, head of the Federation of Greek Police Officers, stated during an interview that over the past three years, there have been many cases where “our colleagues displayed tolerance toward outbreaks of violence by members of Golden Dawn.”

There has been a violent outburst to invading immigrants in many European countries. The murder of the anti-fascist Greek rapper in front of police reflects the attitude of many who sympathize with the nationalistic mood against them. Officials seem to be perplexed at how to handle the situation among communal populations.

By Thomas Barr

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