Arsenic in Rice- Do You Dare to Care?

Arsenic in the Rice and Do you Dare to Care?

Various reports are out suggesting that low levels of arsenic has been found in rice.  If you have not read this and before you worry yourself over this possibility, let’s think about the implications of daring to care.  The information that is presented by the mass media has no doubt, a huge effect on the health and mentality of the population.  The mere suggestion that there is arsenic in rice is an attack to the belief system of those who eat rice – to either buy into it or not.  A certain amount of mental energy is expended when we confront these issues in order to ward off the possible degradation of our system.  So is there arsenic in our rice supplies and do you dare to care?

I could go on to quote findings which suggests certain types of rice could contain higher amounts of arsenic, while others contain lower.  Truth is, you can Google this story and find that information out for yourself if you really want to know.  This article is meant to point out that our beliefs and fears are formed out of the information we bring in and embrace as ‘real.’  Some would argue that people need to know this type of critical information – that it “saves lives.”

Studies conducted by at least several dozen people that I personally know along with hundreds and thousands of others who think like me, have made the experiment over the last few years of disconnecting from mainstream media and television.  For me this started back in 2000 while traveling to Asian countries and finding myself not able to see a paper or television for weeks at a time.  I found that not seeing the news was greatly liberating and made me aware of how much the stories had affected my reality in the past.

As I dip my toes, feet and legs back into the news after more than a decade, I am able to do so without feeling influenced by the topics, personally.  Instead, it has become an interesting social experiment to note that my friends and I have not had to interface with anything that the ‘normal population’ is dealing with pertaining to the news, trends or epidemics.  It is almost as though we live in a completely different reality.  Rather than letting the news dictate my reality, I feel that I dictate my own reality.  Those who I know and associate with who agree with this standpoint do not even consider themselves eligible for getting the flu, the West Nile Virus, or being affected by arsenic levels in rice.  Perhaps this aligns with the age-old wisdom “as a mind thinketh, so is he.”

A great quantum physics website describes this philosophy by saying “An object does not exist independently of its observer! So, as you can see, your observation, your attention to something, and your intention, literally creates that thing.”  So when we look at the news and read a story about arsenic in our rice, we create a mental construct and a belief or disbelief about this information being true.  We may, with more research, begin to embody and even form a fear around it.  However, if you had never read anything about the subject, would you ever create the idea that such a possibility existed?  And the deeper question is – would such an idea ever affect your physical body if you did not bring it into your reality?

I know, some people are already thinking about germs, before we knew what they were, and the millions of people who seemed to die from infection prior to our knowledge about sanitation and bacteria.  Could this disprove my point?  Well, let me ask you if you were there and you can personally confirm this finding?  Do we know for certain that this actually occurred in the way we have been told?  Is it possible that something else contributed to the experiences taking place at that time?  We will never know for certain about the past, all we can do is focus on the present moment and the reality we are constructing every moment with our thoughts and beliefs.

Some say there is arsenic in the rice supplies, others say that Syria used chemical warfare on their people – do you dare to care?  There are those who believe that we live in whatever reality we choose based on where we put our focus and attention.  Where will you put yours?


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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