Breaking Bad Finale: the Empire Crumbles or Does It? [video]

Tonight on AMC

Tonight on AMCFans everywhere will be glued to the television tonight to catch the finale of Breaking Bad as they watch White’s empire crumble. This series has been so good; primarily because of Walter White. Walter is the guy you love to hate. He actually is so pitiful that he draws the viewer in and then repulses them. Walter is actually a broken man who has grown more and more evil with each season.

Walter’s initial motivation consisted of him trying to ensure that his family would be cared for financially once he ended his battle with lung cancer. The chemistry teacher turned meth-chef-drug-lord has now become a force to be reckoned with. He has hooked up with a former student named Jesse Pinkman to produce and sell methamphetamine.

Most of the avid Breaking Bad fan base is enthralled with White’s transformation. White’s character hits the scene as a chemistry genius serving as a chemistry teacher with a small bank account, a pregnant wife and a son who has cerebral palsy. He transforms into an assertive entrepreneur who is obsessed with providing for his family in Albuquerque, N.M.; even if he has to become a criminal to do so.

Walter has had opportunities to leave the drug business but the love of money has him in too deep. He is a guy that’s led by pride, pettiness and his overrated ego. His constant attempts to become the boss have often come across as self-destructive and even suicidal. Walter is a self serving manipulator who is always doing things that worsen the peril for himself, his family, and anyone else in his circle. He could not care less who he hurts in the process.

Breaking Bad is actually a well written show covering a two-year period in the life of Walter White. Even though the masses are fascinated with Walter White’s character it is really a plot based show. The plot is filled with crazy concepts that keep the viewers engaged. The first season was spent building an interest in the characters but once that was done it took off with a story line that was intriguing.

Throughout the course of five seasons White, after either killing or being the mastermind behind the death of a number of people, finally becomes the big man in a massive criminal enterprise. This all comes to a head when his brother-in-law Hank who is a DEA-agent finds out about the real Walter. As we approach the finale tonight Hank is dead and Walt is hiding out in New Hampshire. Jesse is held hostage while being forced to keep the business going by neo-Nazi thugs and Walt’s family is under serious pressure to turn him in.

As good as this series has been there’s great anxiety for the fans trying to figure out how this masterpiece will end. Vince Gillian and his team have already stated that the series will have a satisfying ending for their many fans. So what do the producers have in store for tonight? We’ll have to wait and see. We already have a window into the finale. We know Walt is on the run and since he has hair it’s very likely that his treatments have been successful. But will Walt get out of this unharmed? What will become of Jesse? With so many open possibilities the end is still unpredictable.

Since 2008 when Breaking Bad hit television screens this show which is packed with business principles has captivated people across cultures and geographies. The finale which airs tonight will confirm that no one is safe from the crumbling empire of Walter White. Tune in tonight to AMC at 9:00 EST to catch the conclusion of the whole matter.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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