Breaking Bad is Almost Over

Walter White

The cable television series Breaking Bad is almost over, and it is truly the year’s most anticipated finale to date. The show will wind up on Sunday night.

There have been five seasons  and it slowly rose in ratings. It has been a show about a bad guy yet it won an Emmy for best drama just last week. That bad dude is Walter White, the chemistry teacher with lung cancer, who has turned into a murdering meth maker and dealer all because he says he is doing it for his wife and kids.

Walt has not had the greatest luck this past season. Karma has come to collect her due. He cannot get away from the meth. His family does not even care if he lives or dies anymore. All the money he made from the meth is gone and his cancer is back with a vengeance.
He has given up, deciding to die up in a New Hampshire cabin, but he sees a chance segment about himself on a talk show and it angers him enough to go back to New Mexico to finish the story.

Jesse Pinkman is a past student of Walt’s. Yet he had the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and got sucked into Walt’s again world . His life has been nothing but a mess ever since.

Skyler White is Walt’s wife and only slowly learns what he is doing. She has swung between wanting to get him to quit and ultimately protecting his secret so that she can hopefully end up saving her family.

Marie Schrader is Skyler’s sister and was married to Hank. This is the guy that is the DEA agent who finally guessed that Walt was the high rolling drug dealer he had been after all this time. He tells his wife this information and in the end he meets a poor outcome. When this happened, it is the first true signs of proof that Breaking Bad is almost over for good.

Walter White Jr. AKA Flynn is Walt’s son. He has gone through most of the show not knowing any of the truth. That has now ended and the boy is having a lot of anger issues. He also has cerebral palsy.

Lydia Quayle is a crazy female meth dealer. She is not someone to be messed with and it is believed that Todd Alquist is in love with her although why, who knows.

Todd Alquist is the worst of the worst of the bad guys. He kills children, he kills for no reason. He murdered Jesse’s girlfriend just because he wanted to make Jesse suffer. It was for no purpose, no reason, and it was useless and disgusting.

Saul Goodman is Walt’s corrupt attorney who decided to take off from New Mexico into his own kind of witness protection program last Sunday, buying himself a brand new identity and moving to the great state of Nebraska. For whatever reason, this character is scheduled to star in his own spinoff, right now scheduled to be called Better Call Saul. Why this would lead to a new series is not entirely sure but when spinoffs start to be discussed, that is another sure sign that any show is about done, and this one means Breaking Bad is almost over for good.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble



USA Today


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