Breaking Bad Mastermind Vince Gilligan Has New Show for CBS

Gilligan From Breaking Bad to Battle Creek

While Vince Gilligan’s mega-hit drama Breaking Bad is coming to an end on Sept. 26, 2013 on AMC, he already has plans for a brand new show for CBS. Breaking Bad recently won Best Drama Series at the last Emmy Awards and its final episode entitled, “Felina” is expected to draw in at least 8 million excited viewers this Sunday.

CBS has purchased Gilligan’s new drama series, Battle Creek. It is set in Battlecreek, Michigan and is about two detectives who are polar opposites. They work together and use their different opinions to battle crime in the streets of Michigan. Their main opponent is an FBI agent who seems to be the perfect crime fighter, but apparently is nothing like it.

There really is a right time for everything, because 11 years ago in 2002, Gilligan had already proposed Battle Creek to CBS after he stopped writing for The X-Files. He was turned down then, but now after the widely acclaimed success of Breaking Bad, Gilligan and Sony Pictures TV were easily able to convince CBS that Battle Creek is their kind of show.

Zach Van Amburg, president of programming for Sony, said, “CBS would pay a premium for licensing fee. In the Hollywood development community, Vince is the hottest name in the business. If I went somewhere with the phone book with Vince’s name on it, I could sell it.”

Gilligan has enjoyed tremendous creative freedom with AMC so it is a little surprising that he would want to work in a more restricted relationship with CBS. One thing that CBS does offer better than AMC is its bigger viewership in broadcast TV. As much as Breaking Bad has created a cult following with its fans, some people argue that the show deserved a wider audience than AMC could offer.

Even though the premise for Battle Creek is completely different from Breaking Bad, CBS has had a good streak with crime-fighting shows such as NCIS, Elementary, and Hawaii Five-O. Gilligan is sure to have been paying attention and has made an excellent decision to partner with CBS for his new detective drama.

Negotiations for the show are still ongoing, but some details have been released. Gilligan might direct the pilot episode. The creator of House, David Shore will be Battle Creek’s showrunner and he’ll also be an executive producer with Gilligan alongside original show partner, Mark Johnson.

The new series is set to have at least 13 episodes created and aired sometime between 2014-2015. For now, for all the fans of Vince Gilligan’s work, there is still the climactic final episode of Breaking Bad this Sunday on ANC at 9 p.m. Eastern-Time, and don’t forget its spinoff, Better Call Saul to keep us entertained.



Written by: Chelo Aestrid


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