Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Prequel Equal Bad News for Saul?

Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Prequel Equal Bad News for Saul?

Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Prequel Equal Bad News for Saul?

With only three episodes left of Breaking Bad and with the last episode, To’hajiilee ending in an O. K.  Corral type shootout, the news that character Saul Goodman is going to feature in an AMC “prequel” is exciting and  somewhat disturbing. It sort of makes us wonder if that spells bad news for Saul in the current series.

We hope not.

We’ve grown to love the shady “shyster” lawyer whom Jesse calls a “criminal” lawyer, emphasis on the criminal, way back in season one. “Better call Saul,” is the legal beagle’s clarion cry on his television commercials and that is also the name of the prequel. It is being touted as the backstory on Saul and how he evolved into the guy we love in Breaking Bad.

Quotes? He’s had a few. Each season gives Saul yet another chance to be socially unacceptable, sarcastic, or dryly wise. One golden exchange between Saul and Walt in the classroom where Walt teaches Chemistry features the classic:

Saul: What did Tom Hagen do for Vito Corleone?

Walt: I’m no Corleone.

Saul: No Shit! Right now you’re Fredo!

Like the late entertainer Jimmy Durante, Saul has got a million of em. He is rarely at a loss for words. The actor who plays Saul Goodman, Bob Odenkirk brought his character to living breathing “sleazy’ life. A professional legal rep for all things shady, Goodman changed his name from McGill so he would sound “more Jewish.”

He has struck such a nerve with Breaking Bad Audiences that it had been rumoured for some time that the character was going to get his own spin-off series. AMC and Sony released a joint statement on Wednesday saying that they have decided to do a 60 minute prequel that follows Saul’s journey before he becomes Walter’s lawyer.

Bob Odenkirk is a Jack-of-all-trades. His credits include writer, director, producer, and actor. He was a writer for Saturday Night Live as well as the Late Night with Conan O’Brien show, among others. That he has a deft feeling for comedy is proven in just about every episode that he appears in on Breaking Bad.

When we last saw Saul, he was convinced that Jessie had killed Huell and he was wearing a bulletproof vest. He met with Walt at the A-One car wash to talk about Jesse and to get the “booger dust” cleaned out of his car that he claimed Jesse left behind. With last week’s episode ending in a dramatic escalation of violence, things don’t look too promising for the lawyer.

Especially since AMC are talking prequel. The information about the new Better Call Saul show is sketchy at best. Neither Sony, AMC nor Vince Gilligan have given any kind of hint why that format was chosen for the new show.

We think that the very idea of a Saul Goodman prequel after Breaking Bad ends is bad news for Saul sometime over the next three remaining episodes. While it may not mean that it’s flowers and cards of condolences  time for the character, we do believe that the violent upswing of the show may just catch Saul in some weapon’s crosshairs. But we are excited to see one of our favorite characters get the greenlight for a spinoff show. We can’t wait to Call Saul!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom