Breaking Bad: Walter White’s Tighty Whiteys

Breaking Bad: Walter White's Tighty Whiteys

If you happen to be really bummed out at the coming end of Breaking Bad, now you can own part of the show forever, even slip into Walter White’s Tighty Whiteys if you happen to bid on and win them.

The lead character’s undies will be among 250 props and collectible items which will be auctioned online next Sunday, Sept. 29, the very same day as the last episode of Breaking Bad airs on AMC.

A company known as ScreenBid has curators who work together with studio filmmakers to help put fans together with their beloved favorite movies and televisions programs by making accessible the top props, wardrobe outfits and pieces and even set decoration from both the big and small screens. ScreenBid works straight with the directors and producers as well as the studios. They are the business helping bring  Walter White’s Tighty Whiteys to you.

Everything the company sells has a studio-certified seal attached to it so you know you are buying the real thing. This is always a plus when you find yourself owning that pair of underwear, especially worn by Walter White himself in the very first episode of Breaking Bad, you will know it is legitimate.

All proceeds from this type of auction return to the studio which gave the items in the first place. Of course, ScreenBid gets a percent of the take. They will run the online auction for eight days.
If you find you really do not desire to own Walt’s underwear, there are numerous other items to pick from. Some of them include yellow hazmat suits which were worn while cooking the infamous meth, the Hello Kitty phone which Jesse owned and then later Hank used. Walt’s Pontiac Aztek, Skyler’s Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Hector’s wheelchair, that you can bet is badily damaged, and many other items from the final two episodes, which cannot be revealed just yet. Doing so might ruin the fun of it all and give secrets away that are not supposed to be known yet.

And with Breaking Bad nearly finished, AMC does not want to let go until they have to. If you feel the need to take a chance on owning those briefs that Walter White wore back whenn he was just a fledgling kingpin, then good luck. The starting bid, you must be asking yourself? Why it is only a measly $250, such a tiny price to give for being able to own such an iconic part of television history. But it is very unlikely they will stay at that price. After all, these are Walter White’s tighty whitey’s for pete sake, the very first pair he wore in the series. He has been in a bunch of undies in the past five seasons but there can only be one first pair.

Just like everything else, his first pair was his first, and that is what you will get. It is up to you whether you want to wear them yourself or not. After all, it is unlikely you have much of a collection of television character underwear.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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