Breaking Bad’s Finale If You Have Never Watched the Show

The End of Breaking Bad This Sunday, Breaking Bad will be airing its finale. Everyone knows this unless they have been living under a rock and never watched the show. Even they are crawling out wanting to see the ending. If so, this article will be an aid to help out those who will be watchingng it for the first and last time. Anyone planning on viewing Breaking Bad’s finale and never have watched the show is probably making a major mistake. It probably will not any sense at all to come in at the last minute and try to understand what is going on in Walter White’s world.

The series has always been a stickler for detail and paid extremely close attention to its story line. Tiny specifics from different seasons show up in in other years, and the inside jokes will fly right over any new viewers heads. It can be hard to explain the show to people who have never seen the show since Breaking Bad is almost indescribable. To hurry and catch up, some options are to watch the show on Netflix, or DVR the entire series on AMC. The home of Breaking Bad started running it last night and most fans are saving each episode as it airs, to be savored over and over again even after Sunday passes.

It is shocking even to the most seasoned fan to see the change in Walter White from mild mannered chemistry teacher to an astonishing drug dealer making and dealing in meth with Jesse Pinkman, a guy who use to be a student of his, and after he just so happens to go on a drug bust with Hank, his brother-in-law, who works for the DEA. Hank becomes more of a part of the show than anyone ever imagined in the beginning, and much more emotional, which turned out both wonderfully and deadly.

The more that is is written here, the more complicated it gets to discuss. It is crazy sad how all the people in that first infant episode will be dead or have turned on Walt by the end. And how he still will be alive even though he was told he had inoperable lung cancer in the first episode as well. There are so many things to talk about, so many different avenues to travel down and deliberate. This article does not do the show any sort of justice. It has to be seen with the eyes and absorbed with the brain to be appreciated for the stroke of pure television genius it is.

Nothing can replace actually sitting down and enjoying the bittersweet taste of Breaking Bad if you have never watched the show, except if you cram and gorge on all the episodes themselves. The clock is counting down on Walter and also down on everyone who wants to say they are fans of Breaking Bad. Prove it. Between now and Sunday, the crash course is being given and Walter is teaching it, just like he taught chemistry at one time. Only learning this is a lot more fun.

By:  Kimberly Ruble



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