Christina Aguilera Comfortable in Boys Underwear

Christina Aguilera Feels Comfortable in Boys Underwear

Christina Aguilera Feels Comfortable in Boys Underwear

Christina Aguilera has slimmed down and she’s showing that new figure off as much as possible. The singer has said that sexiness needs to be effortless and she is showing how effortlessly she can look sexy. Although that has obviously never been too much of a problem for the Beautiful singer. She is on the October Cover of Maxim and looking hot. She’s also done an interview for the magazine and she just mentions that she feels “comfortable in boys underwear.”

In case you were wondering.

The 32 year-old “yummy mummy” has kept her clothes to a minimum in the October issue and she is posing on the cover in an large white shirt gapped open to reveal a black bra. Her look on the cover does seem to be fairly effortless.

In the magazine, Christina talked to Maxim about sexiness saying that she was a “down to earth” kind of gal. She also reveals that she thinks folks who try too hard at being sexy lose out. SHe says, “Sexiness should be effortless.”

At one point in the interview, the former Mouseketeer was asked which of her fellow “wearer’s of the ears” were the sexiest back in the day when Mickey was the leader of the band. The choice between Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake was offered to the judge and coach from The Voice.

Not surprisingly, she opted not to answer the question. She said that they were all “tight” and that the two fella’s hung out together a lot. Exactly like Christina and Britney did. She did admit that both the guys, even when they were younger had loads of charisma!

But her reticence about who, between Justin and Ryan, were the sexiest “back in the day” did not extend to her own sexy admissions. As well as admitting that she was “earthy” she also admitted that she felt comfortable in boys underwear. Although it doesn’t look like she is wearing a pair of boxer shorts or y-fronts in the cover picture!

All four of the former Mouseketeers have grown into some pretty hot properties in the talent department. Only Ryan Gosling has stuck to acting full time versus the other three who have chosen music for their career path. Christina does not spend long on the the old Disney days though.

She also talked about what turns her on, or off, in the relationship department. She and Matthew Rutler have been an item for a couple of years now, but that did not stop her from speaking her mind on what makes a relationship work or not.

She revealed that she does not like dating celebrities. She prefers “genuine guys” who do not necessarily have a lot of money. She says the financial aspect of any relationship is not a problem because, as she says, “I can support myself.”

But her definition of genuine guys excludes the potential romantic who wants to serenade her with a guitar and a romantic ballad. She confessed that the very idea of it would “make her feel weird and run for the hills.”

The Maxim issue will be available from September 17 if you want to see more of Christina Aguilera and to read about her effortless sexiness and her being comfortable in boys underwear.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom