David Frost, 74, Died the Perfect Death

Sir David Frost Dead on Queen Elisabeth Cruise Ship

David Frost, 74, died the perfect death yesterday.  Statesman of British media, Frost was a maverick who will be sorely missed.  Reportedly, a massive heart attack took his life while he was speaking to passengers enjoying a Mediterranean cruise.  A bon viveur to the end, David Frost went too young but he left us in the custom that suited him best; boldly.

It is hard to grow old and lose the fame and fortune that have surrounded you in life.  By dying so suddenly and unexpectedly, Frost left a perfect performance.  It is only sad that no one will ever have the charisma and qualifications to provide the encore, or even the second act.

David Frost was born in Kent, England in 1939.  Soon after the war ended, his father, a Methodist preacher, encouraged his son to pursue training in the church but this was not a good match and Frost was accepted to study English at prestigious Cambridge University.  After graduating he took up a trainee position at Anglia Television and his life in news had begun.

By the 1960’s Frost had shown his star power and he was given the lead presenter position in a satirical TV show, That Was The Week That Was.  It was highly successful and it branded David Frost as a leading force in all programming political.  The US market opened up for him at the same time and by the end of the decade, David was charming audiences and guests on both sides of the Atlantic.  This was a bold achievement that he recognized and took seriously.  “Being upbeat is the key to life,” he said.  Few TV personalities achieve such broad success and it gave David Frost the right to swagger which he enjoyed wholeheartedly.   David Frost, 74 died the perfect death.

It was the 1977 Nixon interviews that solidified his brand for getting honest and interesting revelations from his interviewees, whatever their power and public image.  Nixon never backed down.  He explained his style with dry wit, “Diplomacy is the art of letting somebody else have your way.”  He was proud to boast that he uniquely held the distinction of having interviewed all eight British Prime Ministers from Howard Wilson in 1964 to David Cameron in 2010, and all seven American Presidents from Nixon in 1969 to George Bush in 2008.

By all accounts Frost was an itinerant name dropper but it’s no wonder given his longstanding in the media world.  It was known that his elegant summer party attracted a gold list of superb partygoers too long and many to list, although Pippa Middleton looked racy in a slinky red dress at the 2012 party.  No-one seems to have a bad word to say about him; he was a gentleman with pizzazz.

David Frost died a wealthy man with a net worth in excess of $300 million dollars. He supported charities, garnered awards and kept the public afloat of the happenings in the political and media world.  Many women walked through his life but with grace and respect and they remained his friends.  In 1983 he married the beautiful daughter of the 17th Duke of Norfolk and they had three grown sons, George, Wilfred and Miles.  David Frost, 74 died the perfect death.

By: Vicky Judah

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