Duck Dynasty: Killing Ducks While Saving Souls [Video]

Duck Commander Sunday

Duck Commander SundayThe stars of one of the highest rated shows on television are hardcore preachers. They are Christian evangelists who preach regularly at their local church. The Robertson family has been active at White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ for over 30 years. According to TMZ, Phil Robertson who is a ministry assistant at the church gives fiery sermons all the time.

Last week was different because it was Duck Commander Sunday and the whole family had a part. Duck Commander Sunday is a tradition that’s existed at their church for many years. During this celebration the entire family has an opportunity to preach to the church.

Out of all of the reality shows on the market who would have thought that a family who makes duck calls would have been on top of the reality TV charts. For more than a year, Duck Dynasty has outranked the other reality shows; without all of the drama that networks swear by for ratings.

This show has no fighting, no sex scenes and no half dressed women. This reality show is based on a Christian family residing in Louisiana.

Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson families; which consists of three generations of swamp-trawling, duck-hunting, full bearded enthusiasts. These entrepreneurs, who also happen to be millionaires, have built a business empire on duck-hunting gear and, especially, on duck calls made from Louisiana cedar.

The basis of the ‘reality television genre’ existence is absent from this reality show. Duck Dynasty unlike many others is funny and family friendly. The show draws its humor from the family dynamics of favorites like Si Robertson. He’s the uncle of the show and has some of the funniest one liners to hit the airwaves. Millions of viewers tune in every week to catch this show.

As stated earlier, not only is it funny but it’s safe for the entire family. There’s no foul language, sexual under or overtones nor is there any violence; unless you’re a duck lover.

Duck Dynasty is also one of the few reality shows that don’t disrespect women; as opposed to objectifying them the show portrays them as whole people. This is what many of the fans love most about this show.

Unlike other wannabe reality stars, the Robertson women celebrate diversity. They celebrate who they are while celebrating each other. They aren’t all housewives, fabulous cooks or silent partners. Korie can’t cook or sew but she’s a great businesswoman. Miss Kay is the gentle, but powerful, matriarch of the family. These two women are the lead female characters of the show but they are very different.

Phil and Miss Kay have been married for close to 50 years and have four sons. She is often depicted as ditzy but is a woman of character and substance. They have had their share of problems over the course of their union. Phil was a victim of substance abuse but Miss Kay stayed with him, supported him and ushered him back to sobriety. Today, Phil is a proud, devoted Christian man and hard core preacher.

A major criticism of the reality television genre is that footage is often manipulated to increase the drama; in turn making the “actors” seem foolish, catty or just outright mean. The good thing about Duck Dynasty is that is has no additives. This is a show about a real family driven by hard work and deeply rooted in faith. What’s awesome about the show is people find it way more entertaining than following the latest shenanigans of other shows like the” Basketball Wives” or “Real Housewives.”

Duck Dynasty airs on the A&E network and is currently in its fourth season. This show has risen to become the most popular reality show in cable history. The stars of “Duck Dynasty” are millionaires but it’s easy to see that the money hasn’t gone to anyone’s head.

The Robertson family is a tight knit family full of love, pride and faith. While many adore them, most of their fans had no idea that they are serious preachers.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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