Emmy Countdown to Gowns Begins

Kerry Washington FashionAdmit it. You watch the Emmys for the gowns. You rate best to worst and secretly feel better about yourself when you see a fail in the gown department despite all that money and help. The Emmy countdown is in full gear, but for some of us, the countdown to gowns is all that matters.

The odds-on favorite is Kerry Washington. Alter ego Olivia Pope on Scandal has got nothing on real life Ms. Washington. She will appear in a clean-lined, simple but silhouette skimming stunner revealing once again the most beautiful skin on earth. She will also be sporting a new husband and probably a trophy by night’s end.

Like Olivia, Washington’s style appears effortless, comfortable and perfectly suited to the occasion. If she disappoints it will be due to taking someone else’s advice as she recently stated, “It’s important to always dress to make yourself happy. You have to make sure that when you walk out of the house that you feel good about yourself.”

Another sure winner will be Robin Wright, aka Claire Underwood of House of Cards, perhaps the coolest cucumber to ever hit the small screen. The woman can be credited with single handedly bringing the sheath dress and the fitted female suit back to life. She rocks pointy-toe pumps, occasional pearls and a big dose of kick ass. Ms. Wright will likely stun in her signature solid, baring shoulders envied by women the world over and shoes fit for a lady and not a lumberjack.

Sofia Vergara will gauge at the top of the gown countdown as the sexy offering. Her dress will be bright, bold and body hugging. And, why not? Her girls will be up and on display. Hopefully, this time around her behind will not play peek-a-boo with the audience.

The Mad Men girls are generally more of a hit onscreen thanks to Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant. January Jones, with Bryant’s help, is perfectly polished on camera but in person, she is known for a stumble or twelve. Can anyone forget the blush pink boned half-slip half flapper number she donned at the 2008 Emmys? Or the red-orange skirt with boob straps she wore to the Golden Globes. The awards arena is not where she makes her best picks.  And if she is paying a stylist, that girl or guy needs to go.

Christina Hendricks, our beloved Joan, may fare better on the Emmy Gown Countdown, if she can stick to what works with her voluptuous figure. Embrace those curves girlfriend. She really should consult with Joan, who appears week after week much more comfortable with draping herself in clothes that flatter than Ms. Hendricks does in person.

The sure winner for the Mad Men girls will be Sally Draper, the real life Kiernan Shipka. This little one, all of 13-years-old, could give us all a lesson in femininity, shape, drape and style. On Monday, we will all be gabbing about what this girl wore.

There will be losers. These will include Kelly Osbourne, who simply cannot overcome her purple hair regardless of designer duds or quarter-million dollar manicures—remember that?  Hopefully Anna Gunn will be able to un-frump her Skylar White attire.

We can lay money down in Vegas on Lena Dunham’s awkward clomping to the podium in an ill-fitting gown, toile scene tattoo distracting us all. Does she do this on purpose? Zooey Deschanel will be quirky but we will love it because we love her.

As for Tina Fey, the world will swoon whether she deserves it or not. Her transformation from Liz Lemon to Tina Fey is quite amazing. But one word of advice dear, wear your hair down. Up-do is not the look for you. Claire Danes, meh. She’s just so sure of her beauty, some would almost root for a misstep.

Yes, the countdown to Sunday night’s Emmy Awards may have begun, but it is the Emmy Countdown to Gowns that is providing the thrill.

Written by Linda Torkelson





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