Grand Theft Auto V Is Here With Loaded Guns



The fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto V is finally here and it’s loaded with the usual parody of the West Coast’s Los Santos (Los Angeles) and the East Coast’s Liberty City (New York City) with loaded guns.

Grand Theft Auto V is full of the usual surprises – strippers, drug users, thugs – all things that make the dark, interactive world go round. To those who are not familiar with the Grand Theft Auto videogame series, Grand Theft Auto V is about the life of three thugs in the alternate city of Los Angeles called Los Santos. Meet Michael, who is in a witness protection program; Franklin, who is a repo man; and Trevor, who is a psychopath with the most hilarious lines in the game. All three characters, mixed with a life of struggles, prostitutes, violence and loaded guns, results in an unforgettable game play. Grand Theft Auto is definitely here, continuing the motto of the almighty dollar, guns loaded and blazing.

With the creative force of Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V showcases the satirical and alternate world of all things twenty-first century with the iFruit, instead of iPad; LifeInvader, instead of Facebook; and Bleeter, instead of Twitter – all of which adds to the reality or alternate reality of Grand Theft Auto V.

In the first few installments, Rockstar and Sony had a definite grasp on how much attention was gained by the interactive plots blasting 70s and 80s soundtrack in cars, which gamers could interactively carjack. As much attention was gained by gamers worldwide, the gameplay became a youtube sensation with controversial subplots of sexual trysts and violence towards prostitutes. As the proverbial guns of Grand Theft Auto V remain loaded, much of the plots have become complicated and continue to impress hardcore gamers.

In a much more humble reality, such a game is not and should not be meant for tweens who are still impressionable and would most likely need to ask their parent’s permission before purchasing such an adult game. As Grand Theft Auto V is a game created in an industry marketed to kids, much can be said about the complicated plots intended for adults, and as it is already here and loaded with adult themes, there is much appreciation of the vision that Rockstar has in their epic guns-of-glory storyline.

As the wait for the Grand Theft Auto V videogame continues, there have been issues in the U.K. of early copies received before the actual release date as one gamer states, “I refuse to disclose whether Amazon has dispatched my pre-order copy of GTA early in case it prevents them from doing so again in the future.” However, Microsoft had issued bans on users who had received Grand Theft Auto V early.

As many hopeful gamers of the Grand Theft Auto series await their copies, early reviews of Grand Theft Auto V continue to flood the gaming forums here  in the U.S. while loyal fans wait with loaded guns.

Written By: Dianna Coudriet

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