GTA V Is Loaded with Success Clues

More than a Game

More than a GameGrand Theft Auto is the largest, most diverse and energetic open world ever created. GTA V blends gaming and storytelling in new and creative ways; all while enhancing the player with success clues. It’s virtual reality television that allows players the opportunity to float in and out of the three lead character’s lives.

The groundbreaking series is back with all the classic features including massive attention to detail. Grand Theft Auto’s strange take on modern culture now has a new and ambitious approach to the open world complete with the power of simultaneous players.

There was a day when video games were primarily geared toward the younger generation. This is not the case here; GTA V is definitely for the mature individual. Many middle aged adults can remember when they swore that video games were a waste of time. While it’s true that some people are obsessed with gaming and others just casually play, serious “gamers” know that there is a positive aspect to gaming.

Here’s an interesting perspective on the world of gaming:

  • GTA enforces the importance of following rules: Everything in life has a set of standards or rules. These rules govern the basic platform of performance. The great thing about gaming is once a player successfully conquers the beginner’s rules then are they ready to take on the larger challenge of figuring out how to bypass them. Everyone wants to conquer something in life. The problem is we start from the bottom seeking to change the game before we have mastered the rules. Whether you are in the business of marketing, management or government, you can re-write the game, but only after you have mastered the rules.
  • GTA teaches the importance of keeping score: Somewhere along the way we stopped valuing the score. The score may not be the only thing that matters in life, but be real, it is important. Many parents and school officials are doing the kids a disservice; nowadays kids get stickers and other prizes just for showing up. Then the child grows up and joins the work force, only to face a rude awakening; scores matter. Keeping score alerts leads to motivation, alerts people of their potential and celebrates those who put forth the effort to train. What would the NFL, NBA or MLB be like if scores were not given? Who won? What is the team’s record? Exactly! We need scores to govern our efforts.
  • GTA teaches endurance while climbing the ladder of success: Everyone in the gaming world talks about the levels they are able to attain. Just look on Facebook and you will find a multitude of people bragging about where they are currently on Candy Crush. In other words, you are not successful until you climb the proverbial ladder to the next level. Everything you want out of life is outside of your current comfort zone, or level. Gaming teaches that there is no real satisfaction being stuck on a certain level in life when there is so much more available in the world.

While many feel like the world of gaming is simply just another world filled with addiction, perhaps those that have been drafted into the world of gaming have been learning important lessons as it relates to success all along.

Grand Theft Auto V takes the GTA series to the next level in new and exciting ways. Players now have the ability, like never before, to experience all sides of an intermingled story. The scene is set in a mock-styled recreation of Southern California.

Gamers can explore the urbanized metropolitan area of Los Santos along with the countryside of Blaine County. While they are there, they’re sure to find a world filled with self –help gurus, fallen stars and cheap reality TV celebs in a world that people once envied. Now these same people are having a hard time surviving in an era of economic chaos.

In the midst of this mayhem players have the ability to switch in and out of the lives of the three main characters; Franklin, Michael and Trevor, while planning heroic heists and scheming their own way to success and survival.

Grand Theft Auto V also includes access to GTA online which launches October 1.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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