Gunfight in Pennsylvania Kills Family

Pennsylvania family killed
A Pennsylvania family was killed in a gunfight when the daughter decided to shoot her mother in the chest. Josephine Ruckinger shot her mother using a 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun in Ashville, Pennsylvania. Josephine’s father was at the house along with her 47-year-old brother who was also shot during the violent gunfight.

In the investigation authorities surmised the estranged daughter killed her family after they had enjoyed a night out and was home relaxing. John Frew, son John Jr., wife Roberta, 64-years-old, was in their mobile home in Ashville when the shooting occurred. It was reported Roberta was the first shot by her daughter point blank range and instantly died in the assault.

Jeffrey Ruckinger, husband of the estranged daughter, reportedly shot John Jr. repeatedly in the chest causing his death. John Frew, 67-years-old, returned fire with a .22 hand weapon shooting the estranged daughter in the head. He reported to police that he did not initially recognize the shooters who invaded his home. The daughter’s husband was also killed by Frew in the gunfight and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The Pennsylvania gunfight killed the family with only the father surviving the carnage. It was noted that the family had a standing feud with the estranged daughter. Police are unsure what drove the daughter of the actual deed to kill her family. “They parked at the bottom of a long driveway, and walked up, heavily armed,” said Cambria County District Attorney Kelly Callihan.

Law enforcement authorities later found a gas can along with igniting materials. It seemed the couple planned to burn the mobile home after the slaughter. Authorities stated the couple pre-planned the incident and the family was unaware that they were in danger. The senior Frew returned fire in self defense said the authorities of the shooting deaths.

Josephine Ruckinger was still alive when the authorities arrived on the scene and was transported to the hospital. No statements were taken, however she died hours later in a local hospital. It is unclear what sparked her shooting spree. Authorities are searching for possible motives and toxicology reports are pending in relation to the investigation.

It had been documented by authorities that the Frew family home experienced burglaries and robberies in the past. It is unclear if the estranged daughter and her husband sought to rob her parents to make it look like a robbery. Frew, the only surviving member of the family, did not comment to media concerning the details of the incident.

The family’s relatives are shocked at the entire incident. They stated the mother and daughter were not close and often squabbled, but this level of violence comes as a surprise. They also said the daughter had a real hatred of the family and likely resented them for disowning her.

By Thomas Barr

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