Hansel and Gretel and All Children Alike – Fat Longpig Will Cook and Eat You


In May, Boston man Geoffrey Portway, alias Fat Longpig has pleaded guilty to distributing and possession of child pornography. He plan was to accomplish what the witch in Hansel and Gretel could not that was cook and eat little children.

Although Portway pled guilty in May and will be sentenced September 17, the attorney for the 40-year old monster says Portway is not a fiend and killing and eating children are not his intention.

Portway used the name Fat Longpig in chat rooms wherein police authorities began police surveillance due to the context in the conversations.

Portway’s attorney describes him as a man living in a fantasy world. What the police surveillance picked up from Fat Longpig’s conversations was pure fantasy. The man lived in a fantasy world and took his play-acting role in mind only. Fat Longpig may have discussed the act of abducting children and eating them, but never followed through with the heinous act.

Upon search of Portway’s home in Worcester, Massachusetts, the authorities confiscated thousands of child pornography images and 4,500 of those images were shared with others on his chat line. The images portrayed were of children being cooked and prepped for human consumption.

Also located down a narrow, wooden staircase leading to a locked sound proof room in which the perpetrator deemed the dungeon, the authorities found a metal cage with a circular opening for feeding, a steel table with bondage equipment and a small child’s wooden coffin on the floor. Amongst the paraphernalia scattered about the house police discovered handcuffs, bondage ropes, castration tools, two commercial freezers and frozen raw chicken with scalpels lying next to the freezers.


One of the most macabre and heart stopping items discovered was in the kitchen where a small child’s red pajama jumper.

Longpig’s attorney claims there is no evidence that his client ever harmed the hair on any child’s itsy-bitty chin and there was no intent to do as such. Portway’s actions were fused in a reality game, just like the DVD collection found in his closet with names like Hansel and Gretel, The Genesis Children, Cannibal Ferox with the subtitle Make Them Die Slowly. Authorities state the evidence found in his home suggests differently.

Authorities observed in one of Portway’s online chat sessions he appears to become bored with the role-playing game and tells the 15-person captive audience that is real. This is not just a fantasy game. He is serious about cooking and eating a child.

The two other men involved in the chat line bust have already been arrested and sentenced.  One of the offenders was Ronald Brown, a puppeteer who plotted to help Portway steal the kids he knew while working in a Florida Church.

The Boston Herald notes that Brown sent a picture of a child to Longpig drawn with lines marking how to section and butcher the child’s meat for cooking purposes. The on line chat discussed the kidnapping of this boy and eating him. And not to waste any of the delicious morels, the left overs would be saved and fed to the alligators.

The other perpetrator involved is Michael Arnett of Kansas. Arnett also provided Fat Longpig photographs of children he knew. The two communicated via Skype and discussed the kidnapping of children and that Arnett had already performed this for others.

The police investigation known as Operation Holitna, began in 2010 and has become successful in unraveling a network of worldwide offenders states Bruce Foucart, special agent of Homeland Security Investigation in Boston. Because of this intense investigation, 160 children have been rescued and 51 offenders apprehended. The sexual offenders’ attempts to hide within the Internet system are being foiled. There is not place for sexual deviants to hide, which is Homeland Security’s motto.

Geoffrey Portway is a British national and will be deported once his sentence in the U.S. is served. Fat Longpig can look forward to finishing his stay in the U.S. from an 18 to 27 year sentence.

Like so many fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel that come with a happy ending, the children in America no longer have to worry about the monster Fat Longpig to cook and eat them for dinner.

Written by Lisa Graziano

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