Infinite Wealth of Pros and Cons of GTA V Easter Eggs

Shouldn’t You Work for your Virtual Money?


GTA V Infinite Wealth
GTA V Infinite Wealth

Let’s start with the cons of the infinite wealth of Easter eggs. Truly, Easter eggs are the gamers’ spice of life – the stuff that makes gaming more interesting. What are the cons, you ask. The cons lie in the fact that you will probably not be as enthused in finding one by way of this article then you would be if you found it on your own. If you are a gamer with loads of time, you would be better off grinding rather than grabbing loot instructed to you by Youtube or me. Gamers who choose the longer route will benefit from focusing on missions. Missions are not only fruitful for unlocking more NPCs, but are also challenging enough to rid anyone of any ennui.

The pros are obvious. With that second job or term paper due, who has the time to grind? I was that girl who was dead against Easter eggs until the Oghma Infinium (pre-patch) in Skyrim. Gamers who try to build their characters by purchasing property or upgrading skills are able to experience different levels without the painstaking ordeal of getting through battles with dragons or a village full of people with pitchforks trying to rid their town of your blood-sucking, demon ways. Okay, so it was a glitch – not an official Easter egg, but you get the picture. Sometimes the journey is more enjoyable than a frustrating one.

If there is any game that would be way more enjoyable and beneficial if a gamer had infinite wealth, it is GTA V surrendering to the Easter egg pros – forget about the cons. Understand that the easy upgrades will benefit gamers on so many levels when GTA Online mode is wreaking havoc on the streets of Los Santos. The faster you can get the upgrades, the better for your individual character or crews.

I believe the pros and cons do work hand-in-hand as most of the challenges require more skills or upgrades in order to do the actual challenge. If a gamer chooses a challenge, shouldn’t he be able to enjoy the experience without the handicap of having the skills of a beginner? Probably not but we are talking about a game that needs to be played and passed before COD Ghosts is released – who would have the time to play both?

The connection to the pros of Easter eggs and infinite wealth do seem to outweigh the cons in GTA V; however, one must realize the prize in the valuable travels of Los Santos – a prize that one can only enjoy if one is hungry enough to get through the challenges. Remember, more RPs means more favors. More favors mean more power. Gamers who garner more power will be a force to be reckoned with after Oct. 1, 20013.

If you would rather stick to the grinding, please stop reading here. If you love infinite wealth, you’re welcome.

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Written by: Dianna Coudriet