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(UPDATED!)It is finally here! The highly anticipated latest firmware for Apple devices is beginning its slow unravel today. In preparation of expectation, there are a few key points for mobile users to keep in mind. In addition, a review of the updates and how they affect the user experience will be covered. The iOS 7 is considered one of the more intense updates to hit the devices since its inception. The excitement of receiving this gift from Apple seems to be more thrilling than a new iPhone release. Onward to embracing iOS 7 and updates for iPhones and iPads.

Preparation, Expectation and Compatibility

Sync the current device with a Mac or PC and begin the process of backup. Nothing is ever 100 percent guaranteed and that includes firmware updates and how they can affect your current items. iCloud should update automatically but no harm in taking an extra look. PC users can save to their desktops. Take a moment to delete anything unnecessary to allow the fastest download time. Include these additional tips and compatibility considerations:

Only download when Apple confirms release. Trust no third party sites
Only download when Apple confirms release. Trust no third party sites
  • Never download the iOS 7 from a third-party site. Many scammers are feeling the of rush of want and demand today. It is better to actually hold off downloading, especially for older iPhone generations – outside of being slower to update, glitches can affect the current performance of the phone. Anything worth its merit is worth the wait. Basically, wait for the announcement from Apple of the official release time. Many devices are now receiving the download! Some devices are receiving information alerting to download.
  • Keep in mind, only iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and of course the 5C and 5S will be compatible with the iOS 7. The iPad will update for generations 2, 3, 4 and iPad mini. The fifth generation for the iPod touch is expected to receive the update as well.
  • Avoid speculative language from tech media outlets. Should release, might release or possibly release are not confirmed dates from Apple. Once more, keep the Apple site bookmarked today. They will be updating the information as released.
  • Firmware downloads and updates stem from the OS manufacturer. Wireless carriers will refer a customer to the OS site. This means to avoid banging down your carrier’s door to acquire more information. They will not know the time and are awaiting the release just like any other consumer.

iOS 7 Release and Updates Expected to Mark Massive Impact

Tech analysts from around the globe who have experienced a first hand test at the seamless integration of the iOS 7 mark it a winning success. There are some pretty amazing features being released with this latest installment of the iOS.

Android has a record of consistently releasing updates which makes an iOS update so exciting for Apple fans. It mostly happens around the release date of newer devices only. Many consumers may not be aware of how amazing these changes will actually be, here is a snapshot of some of the more exciting features to come!

A possible expectation of the icon changes.
A possible expectation of the icon changes.
  • The Control Center – the Lock screen can now be dismissed with a swipe. A user can swipe from, well, basically any screen. Turn off/on Wi-Fi, adjust the display and a nice innovative touch? Swipe to the newest installment of the flashlight, now available.
  • That swipe down aspect becomes connected to the user. The new Notification Center can also even provide you a Today review of items of importance. This includes special events, meetings, an accident creating traffic- yes the Notification Center is a pretty amazing feature.
  • Reminiscent of an Android device, Apple schooled themselves on the Multitasking feature. The feature is pretty amazing because it learns the user’s habits. Meaning, if one is prone to checking their mail every morning, guess what app floats to your feed around the same time a user will check every morning? iOS 7 learns your habits and responds accordingly.
  • The Camera filters are possibly a personal favorite. They allow a user to edit a picture with a fun retro feel, or even alter contrast and share the picture show with friends and family.
  • Collections will become a fan favorite for photo lovers. Dates, months and even special events like a family reunion are bundled. Think of the Facebook pictures and how they are grouped and labeled, that is how Collections works.┬áSee the Tap a Year and watch as a colorful collage of the years appear on the screen. Very cool aspects.
  • Sometimes when a person is on social media, they come across a very funny picture and may want to share with their spouse in the room, as they looking at their own iPhone. With AirDrop, a user simply needs Wi-Fi enacted Bluetooth to pick-up the picture and drop to their spouse. No more requests to walk over! The receiver can see the picture and share in the laughs with you.
  • The unified search field is pretty amazing, in addition users can enjoy the seamless review of swiping pages makes it easier to find a page on the enhanced Safari feature.
  • Drop the subscriptions on streaming music and instead enjoy iTunes radio. Finally, Apple has released a great way to connect a user’s favorite tune with personalization. Consumers will have access to over 300 radio stations and can remove any songs or stations not interesting enough. This will be a much used feature.
  • Saved the best for last with the enhanced Siri feature. Siri can now play a user’s voicemail, return calls with voice commands, search Wikipedia and even command iTunes radio to play. Apple has teased some pretty amazing enhancers with Siri.


That is the analysis of the iOS 7 release and the iPhone updates. Keep in mind to bookmark the Apple site today for updates on the confirmed release. Never download third-party apps and get excited! The iOS 7 looks amazing and users will enjoy the truly innovative leaps and bounds Apple completed on this latest installments. The iPhone 5C and 5S may not wow the average Apple consumer, but it can almost be guaranteed the iOS 7 will leave an impressionable mark. Tell us about your experience!

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