Jack Nicholson Can You Handle the Truth?

Jack Nicholson Can You Handle the Truth?

The internet has been awash with the rumor that Jack Nicholson is retiring from acting because of his failing memory. But as rampant as that rumor is, a small amount of media sources are reporting that the Oscar winning actor is not retiring. As we wait to hear from official sources, i.e. from Jack or his rep or spokesperson, can you handle the truth? Especially a truth so saddening that, if true, would signal the end to a career of brilliance?

On September 4 this year, RadarOnline reported that sources had revealed to them that the 76 year-old actor was hanging up his acting spurs. The reason was that the award winning actor had memory problems and could no longer remember his lines. Because of this, he was not reading scripts for future projects. It was also “revealed” that he would still attend functions, like the Academy Awards and other similar events.

The implication being that he was going to fade into the background like Sean Connery and Gene Hackman.

But according to Maria Shriver, yes that Maria Shriver; the woman who terminated her relationship with the Terminator, Nicholson is not retiring. In fact, Jack is still reading scripts and eagerly looking forward to his next film role.

So which story is true? Shriver’s reassurance that all is well with the acting giant or that he is supposedly suffering from the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. At least with Maria, we have an “official” source. One who does news for a living. One the other hand, we have a “source.”

Apparently, the scales of truth tend to weigh towards Shriver’s version of the truth. It has been reported that Jack Nicholson doesn’t have any diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s on record. And yet another source “close” to the legendary actor has backed up Maria’s assertion that all is well in the world of Jack. But could you handle the truth if the memory loss story is true? It would be a bitter pill to swallow.

It makes sense that the viewing public would be alarmed at the news of Nicholson retiring. No other actor has been associated so closely with so many iconic film roles or memorable lines. Jack Torrance in The Shining, “Here’s Johnny!” Col. Nathan R. Jessup in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!” The Joker in Batman, “Never rub another man’s rhubarb,” or any one of his brilliant and funny lines in that film. These examples are just a small sample of the iconic parts that the renown actor has played.

Nicholson has won three Oscars and been nominated more times for Academy Awards than any other living actor. His personal life has always been the subject of fascination by the media. He is well known for his love of life and its fringe benefits. Comedian Robin Williams used Nicholson’s reputation as partier in his act. The punchline being that Keith Richards tells Nicholson at a party, “I’ve got to go home now Jack.” The implication being that even legendary party animal Richards can not keep up with Nicholson.

But “pharmaceuticals” aside, the Chinatown star is well known for his roles and the life he brings to them. A actor who entertains as well as shows the pathos of his characters. We believe, or prefer to believe, Maria Shriver’s version of the truth. She spoke to E! News to say that the rumors were 100 percent false and that Jack Nicholson has no intention of retiring. It has a ring of truth; Marlon Brando had notorious difficulty with his lines and he got by. So will Nicholson, if the rumors are true. Can you handle that? We certainly can.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom