Jimmy Kimmel Pranks with iPad Mini Phone [Video]

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Jimmy Kimmel enjoys the nightlife and he brought raucous laughter to his audience when discussing the newest Apple releases. He stated iPhone 5S meant “shutup” and hand us “your money.” He quipped to the audience to turn in their iPhones to the front to be placed into a “woodchipper.” While dedicated Apple fans may not be humored, millions more were. In addition, Kimmel sent one of his correspondents to the slickest streets in America to get a review regarding the new iPhone 5S via a prank on the brand. This is where classic humor was born, Kimmel had his correspondent represent the iPad mini tablet as the iPhone 5. The results were entertaining.

iPad mini and the iPhone 5 size variance
iPad mini and the iPhone 5 size variance

One wince-worthy moment was seeing the pretty young girl licking the screen to “taste” a flavor, as the correspondent urged her to try it. It does create a laugh in regards the responses. Especially, when one consumer handled the device and stated it was “smaller” than the last iPhone. The iPhone 5 is 5-inches and the true iPhone 5S remains that size. The iPad mini has a 7.9-inch display and is not equipped with Retina which only makes the video more entertaining. The funny man of late night television rakes in high viewership numbers, leading to the fact Apple may be feeling a bit stung today, especially after seeing their shares drop by 5-percent.

Kimmel does bring up the mention of the TouchID, the fingerprint sensor found only on the iPhone 5S model. The biometric sensor is hidden beneath the home button which is an easy location for many consumers. Instead of customers typing in their four digit code, a customer can use their fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone and makes iTunes store purchases. Some customers are wondering where the information is stored, especially since the NSA has been knocking on Apple’s doors.


Apple remarks the data is fully encrypted and stored locally on the processor and not in a cloud. That doesn’t appease the mind of iPhone owners who basically have their fingerprints all over their phone, and if stolen the fingerprints may be lifted. The testing of this fact has happened on the commercial level of fingerprint readers, so it is more than likely to have the same weakness on the iPhone 5S. Nevertheless, many customers are excited about the sensor, as some question the motives and need for it.

Kimmel is thoroughly enjoying it! At the expense of consumers, but that’s Kimmel’s way. Ever since Kimmel was a teenager he dreamed of being a comedian and headlining his own late night show. His idol, he admitted previously, was David Letterman and he looked up to the way Letterman connected with his audiences to draw the laughs.

Kimmel moved into television in the late 90s, and became a household name once he joined Adam Corolla on the former popular comedy show, The Man Show, on Comedy Central. During his tenure on popular beer swigging show, Kimmel made random appearances on Fox NFL Sunday.

Kimmel and his beautiful wife, Molly
Kimmel and his beautiful wife, Molly

In 2003, Jimmy Kimmel Live! was born. The initial response to bawdy funnyman Kimmel on a more respected stage required adjustment for many viewers. Now closing in on his tenth year as a talk show host, Kimmel is enjoying his rampant, well deserved success. In July, Kimmel married Molly McNearney, who is also a co-head writer on his show.

Adding to his entertaining career, Kimmel visibly enjoys his time on the show. He has welcomed Jennifer Aniston to “destroy” his set, had sessions to get real answers from kids that created humor and laughs, and now he has moved onto the most talked about device in the country. With his correspondent hitting the streets of Manhattan, Kimmel showed how even the most dedicated pseudo-techies can be pranked. Using the iPad mini as the next iPhone was brilliant, funny and entertaining. Jimmy Kimme Live! airs nightly at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.


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