Jon Stewart Twerking Bad Upon His Return (Video)

Jon Stewart Twerking Bad Upon His Return

Jon Stewart might have been out of country but he was not out of touch. He has been directing his first feature film Rosewater in the Middle East. The film is based on the true story of a London journalist arrested and held in Iran for 100 days. During his 2009 captivity, the journalist was “brutally interrogated” by Iranian officials. But Stewart proved that he knew everything worth knowing while he was gone. He even imitated Miley Cyrus by twerking bad upon his return.

The opening gag in Stewart’s Daily Show had his temporary replacement, John Oliver, go down to greet Jon and welcome him back. When John knocks on the door, Stewart comes out bearded and speaking a foreign language and behaving very strangely.

Oliver, after realizing that “Stew Beef” has lost touch with himself, enlists the aid of fellow journalist Jessica Williams. When Oliver sees her he says, “We’ve got a huge problem.” Jessica responds with, “Why are you still hosting the show?”


Oliver assures her that is not the case. He then explains that, “Jon’s back, but I think the Middle East has changed him. He’s not even acting American. Get a defibrillator … and two Big Macs.”

The two then go to Jon’s dressing room door and as Stewart goes to hug and kiss Jessica, still spouting his incomprehensible “Arabic,” Oliver hits him with the defibrillator/Big Macs. Stewart is knocked over and out and pops back up as a camouflaged-cap wearing “redneck” who is shouting about Obamacare and standing up for Paula Deen.

The comedy riff continues with Stewart appearing in different guises. After getting an injection in the chest, a la Pulp Fiction he comes back as Moses. Then Oliver states that “this is going to take longer than I thought,” and Stewart becomes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a Smurf, as well as Freddie Mercury. He then turns into Miley Cyrus and after getting hit in the head with a Heineken beer bottle, he turns into Hitler.

But the best of the bunch is his “Miley Cyrus.” With his hair in two Miley pigtails and wearing a flesh colored onesie, Stewart holds a giant foam hand in the air while sticking out his tongue. He then takes the giant hand and starts rubbing his crotch. (Out of camera range though.)

He appears to be twerking badly while rolling his eyes; laughing evilly and making moaning noises. He looks less like Miley Cyrus and more like Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist!

After Hitler makes an appearance, Oliver uses the “red” telephone to ring Stephen Colbert who arrives in a hazmat suit and goes into the room. Sounds of violence come from the room and finally Colbert comes out carrying a baseball bat.

Jon Stewart then emerges, beard gone and his own personality in control. Smiling broadly he says, “OK, let’s do this.”

Leaving the broad comedy behind, Stewart said, “I’ve missed you so much. You don’t know what it’s like out there in the real world. Nobody applauds every stupid little f**king thing you do.”

Jon Stewart may have been gone for 12 weeks, but he kept his eye on current events while he was away. How could he resist not poking fun at the controversy of Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV VMA event. Twerking bad upon his return shows that nothing gets past Stewart and as usual he’s on the ball. We have a video of Stewarts “transformations” below. But be warned, his Miley is almost as scary as the real one!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom