Joseph Gordon Levitt the Coolest Guy in Show Business [Video]

Joseph Gordon Levitt the Coolest Guy in Show Business

It is pretty much official. Joseph Gordon Levitt is likely the coolest guy in show business right now. He is one of the rarest creatures known to man, the well adjusted child actor who has managed a lucrative career in his adult life with not a hint of a public meltdown to mark his transition into adulthood.

Levitt starting acting on stage when he was four within two years had switched to commercials. The early 90s saw him in several roles for television but his biggest break came when he landed a lead on the sitcom, 3rd Rock from the Sun, in 1996.

The show ran for six seasons and Levitt spent the last half of his teen years directly in the limelight. Yet, following the show’s run, he went to college, foregoing the typical route so popular with his contemporaries of wild partying with a tail of paparazzi hounding his every move.

That is not to say that he hasn’t had his fair share of run-ins with the notorious stalkers of Hollywood. He has just managed to avoid being enough of a mess to keep their interest for very long. Moreover, there are stories that have circulated that depict him handling the ruthless invasion of privacy of these wandering bands of controversy vampires with grace and dignity. In one story, he responded to the onslaught of photographs and questions by taking photos and asking his own questions.

Perhaps more noteworthy was his response to rumors that he may be gay. Response, in this instance, really refers more to his lack of response, as he refused to confirm or deny the rumors. When asked why he wouldn’t comment on them, he replied, “That would be really tacky — they would win if I had to clarify.” His stance on the topic is not only a bid for his privacy, but also a step towards normalizing sexual identities so that being gay would not be a scandal worthy of reporting.

His classy handling of his public life is not the only reason that Joseph Gordon Levitt could be considered the coolest guy currently in show business. His adept career moves also contribute to the title. He made the move from child television actor to adult film star by picking roles that showcased his range and depth as a performer.

Using roles in movies like Mysterious Skin, Hesher and Brick, he was able to demonstrate an ability to tap into darker sides of his personality to pull out performances that brought him much deserved praise. To provide stark contrast to his Angels in the Outfield days, he has dabbled in villainy, surrealism, and romantic comedies, successfully managing to avoid being pigeonholed into any genre or character type. This diversity, and his tendency to nail performances even in movies that are generally poorly received has landed him in some extremely high profile roles in recent years that have cemented his notoriety.

Despite his fame, he has managed to remain remarkably level headed and humble. He runs a production company that focuses on contributions and collaborations from people who are outside the industries. His company helps them put together their visions and then pays them half of any profits they earn. Their Facebook page regularly announces opportunities aimed at putting together projects that could help artists, actors, writers and musicians come a bit closer to living their dreams.

He can also cut loose and seems not to take himself too seriously. His recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is an excellent example of how show business has found the coolest guy in Joseph Gordon Levitt. See the video of his lip synch performance with Steve Merchant and Jimmy Fallon below.


Written by: Vanessa Blanchard




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