Julie Chen’s Asian Eyes Not Working for Her

 Julie Chen’s Asian Eyes Not Working for Her

Julie Chen altered her Chinese heritage and underwent surgery to change the appearance of her Asian eyes. Her eyes were not working for her as a news anchor.

This advice was given to Julie when she was 25 years old working for a Dayton, Ohio newsroom. One of the newscasters was on vacation for a month and Julie asked her then director boss if she could fill in.

In all his honesty and bigoted kindness, the director advised the up and coming want-to-be anchor girl he thought that when on camera, the appearance of her eyes made her disinterested and bored with the news. How could she gain audience support as an anchor when the influx of Asians in the Ohio community was low?

Not taking the director’s comments positively, Julie left the station to continue her career elsewhere. It is never comfortable to be slapped in the face with discrimination. Sadly enough, the director she just dumped may have been telling her the truth.

Julie met with a prominent news-casting agent whom she highly respected and he commented the same about her disinterested and boring Asian appearance. He advised that eye surgery would aid in Julie’s rise to news anchor stardom, and handed her referrals for the plastic surgeon nearest her.

The agent’s admission was when Julie made her decision to change the looks her Chinese heritage employed. Being a news anchor was her life long dream and her Asian eyes were not working for her.

 Julie Chen’s Asian Eyes Not Working for Her

This life and face altering decision was made with the support of her parents and some family members. Her parents so supportive they paid for the surgery. But it took much discussion and soul-searching before they got to that point.

Once having the plastic surgery completed, just like her boss prophesied, the opportunities for her career immediately abound. But the question is did Julie turn her face away from her Chinese heritage?

Some of her family members felt she had. The family divided because of her decision for career advancement. And the decision is something Julie lives with every day as well as every other decision she must make. What has been discovered through her soul-searching is that life and decisions are all about moving on.

Julie made this plastic surgery revelation on Wednesday’s The Talk’s segment Shocking Secrets. Co-hosts Sharon Osbourne and Aisha Tyler had already revealed their shocking tell-alls and now it was Julie’s turn divulge.

Co-hosts Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Aisha Tyler gave support towards Julie’s never revealed revelation, and commended her on her bravery for making the decision to follow her dreams. The decision she chose has never made her stray from her true heritage. They also added that Julie was just as beautiful then as he is now.

In the tear sobering statement, Julie detailed to her co-hosts that she felt her Asian influence was discriminated against in the Dayton Ohio studio, which greatly influenced her decision in having the plastic surgery.

The impact the decision Julie made to change her Asian look has been overwhelming. Julie’s intelligence along with the plastic surgery landed her a spot as a former reporter on the CBS Early Show. Currently she hosts Big Brother on CBS and is a co-host on The Talk. She married CBS President Les Moonves in 2004 and together they also have a son.

The choice in having to change her appearance to pursue a career in broadcasting suggests there is something wrong with society’s perception of the importance in people.

And as for Julie Chen’s Asian Eyes Not Working for, her plastic surgery has brought her overwhelming success Chinese heritage or not.

Written by Lisa Graziano

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