Kaley Cuoco Wedding Will Be a ‘Big Bang’

Kaley Cuoco Wedding Will Be a Big Bang

If the engagement holds up, Kaley Cuoco’s wedding to fiancé Ryan Sweeting will undoubtedly be a “Big Bang” because the couple has dated for only three months, and are caught in a whirlwind romance. It seems that those who are most “swept off their feet” so quickly tend to plan big, dramatic weddings to match their big, dramatic love. Kaley Cuoco’s man is a tennis star, so they both have celebrity status to assist in the grand nuptials.

Cuoco set tongues a-wagging earlier when she tweeted some gushy sentiments about her beau, saying she had the “best date ever” with him at the Emmys and calling him “sweet.” She then was spotted waving around a massive wedding ring. At first, the rumor mill couldn’t decide if the ring was just a prop for one of the characters she is currently playing or of it had been given to her by her guy. But then, men everywhere were crestfallen when US Weekly broke the story after hearing from Kaley Cuoco’s Rep. A source close to the actress reportedly said “When you know, you know.”

In the past Cuoco has been linked to her co-star Johnny Galecki, who she dated for two years (that’s about 100 in celebrity years.) She also dated handsome Superman star Henry Cavill just three months ago, leaving some fans wondering if this fling with Sweeting is more of a rebound relationship. She has also been engaged previously to Josh Resnick, an addiction specialist. But hey, she’s got a ring on her finger so we’re all supposed to take it seriously, right?

As for her fiancé, Ryan Sweeting; at the age of 26, we can all rest assured he has also left a string of broken hearts in his path; however, none of them were considered “high profile,” so we have to be content to just wonder about all his fallen ladies. Of course, men don’t get the same scrutiny as women do when it comes to their previous relationships, either, but it’s safe to assume there might be some jealous Sweeting ex’s out there somewhere.

So what do these two celebs have in common? Well, they both like tennis for one. Sweeting is a tennis star and Kaley Cuoco is known to hit the greens from time to time. She was also an avid player as a child and was ranked nationally at one point. Sweeting also adores her two rescued pit bulls, and often Tweets pics of him in bed with her canine companions.

He seems to have a soft heart. Many of his Instagram pictures show him cuddling a baby of unknown parentage. Whoever the infant belongs to, she’s obviously a favorite in Sweeting’s eyes, and everyone knows that dudes with babies are irresistible.

So…babies, dogs and tennis. Is that enough to hold this relationship together for the long term? While everyone wishes this handsome couple all the best, we’re no dummies, either. We can look forward to Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting’s wedding, which will be a big bang, no doubt. At the same time, we all need to stay grounded in reality and not be too disappointed if it doesn’t come to pass.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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