Kanye West: Photographer No Taylor Swift This Grab Equals Charges

Kanye West Learns that Photographer is No Taylor Swift

Kanye West needs to learn a little self control. He has found out the hard way that a paparazzi photographer is no Taylor Swift as this grab equals criminal charges. The rapper has been charged with reportedly attacking the photographer and attempting to take his camera.

The 36 year-old father of baby North, was caught on film scuffling with a photographer and trying to grab his camera in July of this year. The incident took place at Los Angeles International Airport and prosecutors have allegedly charged him with one charge of misdemeanor battery and one charge of attempted grand theft.

Photographer Daniel Ramos has claimed that the Yeezus singer punched him in an attack that Ramos did nothing to provoke and that West then tried to grab his camera off of him outside the airport on July 19 this year.

City attorney spokesperson Frank Mateljan said in a statement that Kanye West was charged with one count of attempted grand theft and, despite not going for felony charges on the assault, the city has decided to charge West with a misdemeanor charge instead.

A conviction for either charge could carry a penalty of a fine of $1000 or a six month jail sentence. If the singer gets convicted for both offences he faces up to 12 months in jail. Kanye West has found out that a photographer is not Taylor Swift as this grab equaled the singer being charged with two criminal offences.

According to Ramos, the signal for the attack came when he asked the rapper if they could talk to him. It was then that “without warning” that West made his unprovoked attack, where according to the photographer Kanye started punching him.

It also appears the the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office had a medical evaluation form stating that Daniel Ramos had been released from the hospital diagnosed with muscle strain and bruising. But as those were the photographer’s only injuries the district attorney declined charging the rapper with a felony charge.

Apparently there has to be “significant injuries” for the assault to be classed as a felony.

Daniel Ramos said at the time of the attack that he was only “speaking out” because he did not want what Kanye did to him to happen to “anyone else.”

Kanye West has a track record of acting and reacting aggressively towards the paparazzi as well as behaving somewhat eccentrically. At one airport as he approached the entry, when a photographer attempted to speak to him, he grabbed the man’s camera and ranted bizarrely about the man not talking to him.

As the pap stood with Kanye clutching the his camera, West continued to tell the paparazzi snapper to tell all his colleagues to not talk to the him or even to each other. After the long and odd rant, he let go of the camera and practically ran off.

But Kanye West has a habit of grabbing things from people who are not paparazzi. Back in 2009, on the MTV VMA show, West stormed up on the stage and grabbed the, then, teenaged Taylor Swift’s microphone from her. The teen singer had just won the Best Female Video award. West was outraged that Beyonce had not won for her video.

West weathered the bad publicity that his rude behaviour and poor treatment of the young singer got him. But negative press was all that happened. He even took his time apologising to Swift and he did not do so personally, but over the phone.

Kanye West has found out that the paparazzi photographer was no Taylor Swift when his grabbing of the pap’s camera equaled criminal charges. Perhaps a year in jail would result in baby North’s poppa learning some manners and self restraint.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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