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Kate Upton All Natural Woman Named Model of the Year Naturally

Kate Upton Named Model of the Year

For the woman who was famously turned down for Victoria’s Secret by a casting director in February 2012 for looking like a “page three girl;” a “footballer’s wife” and for having the sort of face that “anyone with money can buy,” victory must be sweet. For that woman was none other than Kate Upton. An all natural woman with natural curves to match her natural beauty. And Kate Upton has been named the model of the year…naturally.

It is unbelievable that last year, a casting director for the US lingerie company felt that Kate was not good enough for their annual show. Even more unbelievable was that the company then used old photographs of Kate’s to put into their catalogue.

It must have had something to do with Kate being put on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition a staggering three times! It is amazing how opinions change when you prove to be that popular.

Kate will be officially crowned as the 2013 Model of the Year on Wednesday September 4 according to E! News. As well as being honoured with the crown, the 21 year-old model and actress – and YouTube sensation – will be on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine for their first centenary issue that will be available from September 10.

But the viral video beauty isn’t just on the cover, she gives the magazine an interview. In it she talks of being in the modelling business and she talks about other things as well.

Things like one agency’s derogatory remarks against American women. Speaking to Vanity, she tells of one of her least enjoyable moments.
Kate Upton, the all natural beauty and winner of the Model of the Year crown, said that the agency did not like American women. She naturally stood up for her sisters in the US and could not believe their attitude.

Apparently the agency said, “American women are lazy!” Kate was not best pleased. Her response was, “You know that you’re in America, right?” It is a moment that she clearly has not forgotten. She goes on to say the the agency did not specify American models; it was American women and she says, “I feel like a lot of women would disagree with that. A lot!”

Kate is one of only four women who have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated three times. She is also perhaps the only model to have several videos go viral on YouTube; one of which was a video of her “doing the Dougie” at a Clippers game. That one got over two million views alone.

Kate Upton has gotten a little flack in the past for her large “assets” but she takes such remarks in her stride. She has always maintained that those assets are all natural and there isn’t really anything that she can do to change that fact.

The all natural woman has now been named the 2013 Model of the Year and you can bet that she will accept the crown on Wednesday as naturally as she does everything else. With Kate Upton’s award and nabbing the cover of Vanity Fair’s 100th celebratory issue, you can imagine one Victoria’s Secret casting director engaging in a facepalm moment. If not a kick in the seat of the pants for being unable to recognize real beauty.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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