Lamar Odom Chore Boy Stock Owner?

Lamar Odom Chore Boy Stock Owner?

TMZ reports that Lamar Odom sent his driver down to the local shop to pick up a box, or two, of Chore Boy. The celebrity news site indicated that Odom ran out due to his “heavy” recreational use of crack. Apparently the copper cleaning pad is a favourite of Odom’s and not because he is a stock owner in the company. Or is he?

Odom’s summertime roomie Polina Polonsky told TMZ that Chore Boy could be found everywhere in the apartment that she and Lamar shared. The pads are a necessary part of a homemade crack pipe. Somewhat intrigued we looked up the definition of Chore Boy in the handy-dandy urban dictionary.

Turns out that those abrasive copper scrubbing pads are certainly good for power cleaning your baked-on, dirty and greasy pots and pans. But, they are also great to use with your own crackpipe. The helpful dictionary even explains how you go about it.

First you get a clear tube that can be found in most convenience stores, one with a small rose in it. Then you dissect your Chore Boy pad and it becomes a filter. Viola! The dictionary goes on to describe how to use your new homemade crack pipe, but we’ll leave that out if you don’t mind. We don’t want to damage any impressionable minds out there.

Urban dictionary had a few other definitions of Chore Boy. One was for adults only. We will not even hint at the adult one as it has to do with anatomy and hair. The other definition seemed to fit Lamar Odom’s circumstances as well as the crack pipe scenario.

It appears that another definition is that a “Chore Boy” is the designated b***h. As in, “B***h go get us some burgers or pizza because we’re hungry; or go get us some more Chore Boy…chore boy.” In other words, a gopher, or Lamar Odom’s driver. He must have instructed his driver to get some more. If he is not a stock owner in the company, he should seriously think about it.

While Khloe Kardashian was freaking out at the news that Lamar Odom had overdosed, not true, his ex roommate was dishing the dirt on Odom’s crack habit. It seems that he hasn’t discovered a load of dirty dishes or greasy pots and pans at his temporary crib. He just ran low on his essential crack pipe construct.

Polina told TMZ that after Lamar moved in with her in June this year for six weeks, he was doing crack. She also said that she observed him using the pads to make his own crack pipes. Polonsky revealed that her apartment was covered with bits of copper scrubbing pads and empty Chore Boy boxes the entire time Odom shared her home.

The evidence that TMZ have uncovered showing that Lamar and his driver made a Chore Boy run at their local convenience store shows two things. The first thing is that Odom is still doing crack, at least enough to require more crack pipe elements to filter the rock. The second thing this incident shows is that in Odom’s world, his driver is the “Chore Boy.” Like the urban dictionary says, “Yo B***h, go and get me some more Chore Boy.” We would not be surprised to hear that the NBA player is a stock owner in the cleaning pad’s company.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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