Lamar Odom Now You See Him Now You Don’t

Lamar Odom Now You See Him Now You Don't

Lamar Odom Now You See Him Now You Don't

Like the great Yogi Berra once said, “It’s like Deja Vu all over again.” Just a short while ago, Lamar was listed as missing in Los Angeles after getting kicked out of the house by wife Khloe. Now he is either in rehab or he is not. It looks like another case of “now you see him, now you don’t!”

On August 24 this year, it was reported that the 33 year-old Clippers player had been kicked out of the marital home by Khloe. This was after a family intervention with Odom fell on deaf ears. Khloe, being concerned for his heath, told him to get out as she could not stand what he was doing to himself.

Then, on August 25, Lamar was reported missing by TMZ who said that no one could get in touch with the NBA player. Not Khloe nor anyone else. It was then reported on August 27 that Odom was not missing. His agent knew exactly where he was at.

It was then reported that Lamar was in a Los Angeles hotel room with his NBA buddies. His pals were trying their own form of intervention and even though Odom appeared to agree with the game plan, he suddenly stormed out of the room to whereabouts unknown.

Next, news came to light that Khloe knew where he was and what he was doing.

Following that announcement, Lamar Odom was pulled over on August 30 for driving too slowly and in a “serpentine manner” by the California Highway Patrol. It actually took authorities some time to pull the slow snaking vehicle over as Lamar kept going for quite some distance before officials could get him to stop.

He then showed an “objective” display of intoxication and he could not satisfactorily pass the sobriety field tests. Odom was taken in and he refused to cooperate with police by having any “chemical” tests done. Which lead to his arrest for DUI.

The last thing reported about Odom was that he was taking taxi’s everywhere. But now, in a repeat of the “missing” episode last week, he is either in rehab or he is not. Another case of now you see him now you don’t.

According to some reports, Lamar voluntarily checked into a rehab facility. This allegedly occurred on Wednesday night. A source reported that the troubled NBA player realised that he “needs help.”

But TMZ says not true! Their sources are reporting that Odom is not in rehab. In fact, they are saying that like last week, no one knows where he is.

TMZ has said that Lamar has dropped off the map, again. They also report that even Khloe doesn’t know where he is at, again. Because, allegedly, he has not spoken to her since the erroneous reports appeared of him entering rehab.

The news of Odom’s problems with drug abuse came to light in August this year. The ex Clippers player has an alleged addiction to crack cocaine, or Oxycodone depending on who you talk to, that has put him $50,000 out of pocket.

Khloe has been trying to help her husband and put her foot down in a gesture of “tough love.” Lamar Odom was then kicked out of his house and the whole “now you see him, now you don’t” escapade began. TMZ has said that Khloe’s ultimative was “met with silence” and that Lamar has been laying low since then.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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