Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Charged with DWI: the Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Lindsay Lohan's mother charged with DWI a family history of crime

With the latest news that the mother of Lindsay Lohan was charged with DWI and speeding offences, we ask the question, how far does the apple really fall from the tree?

Dina Lohan Arrested on DWI Charges

Dina Lohan, aged 50, was arrested yesterday for driving whilst under the influence. Members of the police force stopped Lohan, after she was clocked speeding at 77 miles per hour in a zone restricted to 55 mph.

Dina Lohan was driving a flashy, white BMW when she was pulled over in the Northern State Parkway. Suspecting Dina to have been imbibing in alcohol, the police officers requested she take a breathalyzer test. After blowing into the device, she was found to have a breath alcohol content reading of 0.2, which is over double the legal limit for driving.

Mugshot of Dina Lohan after her DWI arrest
Mugshot of Dina Lohan, taken during police processing

The suspect was then arrested and whisked away for booking in Farmingdale, Long Island. In quite an incredulous display, Dina then reported she had been injured during her arrest. This delayed the proceedings, as medical experts were then forced to evaluate her condition.

According to a recent press release, the emergency medical personnel arrived on scene to attend to the intoxicated suspect, only to confirm that she had sustained absolutely no injuries, whatsoever. Lohan subsequently “recanted” her allegations, and officers were free to continue with their duties.

Traffic tickets were then issued to Dina Lohan; one ticket for her DWI offence, and another ticket for exceeding the speed limit.

She was later released, and is due to appear in court on Sep. 24.

The 50-year-old mother was recently seen partying over the Labor Day weekend. According to TMZ’s contacts, some of the fellow party-goers claim she was a “mess,” after she was witnessed spaced out and slurring her speech.

Dina has also been criticized for capitalizing on her daughter’s fame, in what some perceive to be a callous bid to launch her own career. When Lindsay was admitted to a rehabilitation center for taking drugs, Dina took several cameramen, working for Entertainment Tonight, to record her fragile daughter. The members of staff, along with Lindsay, were understandably annoyed.

A Family History of Crime

Dina, who is of Irish and Italian descent, was wed to Michael Lohan in 1985. The couple have experienced an on-off relationship, briefly separating in 1988, only to reunite shortly after. However, Dina then filed for divorce in 2005, which was officially settled two years down the line.

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael, has also encountered problems with the law. According to Fox News, Michael was sentenced to a short spell in prison, after pleading guilty to attempted assault and driving whilst under the influence.

Mugshots of Lindsay Lohan and her father Michael Lohan
Mugshots of Michael Lohan and Lindsay Lohan – like father, like daughter

During February of 2005, Michael Lohan plowed into a utility pole, in an utter state of inebriation, resulting in his vehicle catching fire. With regards to the attempted assault charges, Michael was caught attempting to beat his brother-in-law with a shoe, during May of 2004.

However, the list of charges didn’t end there. Michael was also reprimanded for aggravated harassment, again involving his brother-in-law. Finally, this slew of criminal charges was nicely topped off after the man was found to have broken a court order.

At the time, his defense attorney (who had a major battle on his hands), Mr. Rory Calhoun, claimed his client was seeking treatment to try and put the pieces of his damaged life back together; this, he claims, was an attempt to improve his tumultuous relationships with his young children.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

Look at the mother’s wrongdoings. Then look at the father’s wrongdoings. The press perpetually strike out a Lindsay Lohan for her misdemeanors. Alas, she has now become the butt of many a joke, and a source of embarrassment.

People ridicule Lindsay Lohan for her actions, and with good reason. The singer/actress has seen her fair share of trouble, being repeatedly arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, taking illicit substances, obstructing the course of justice, as well as counts of alleged theft and violation of probation orders.

Lindsay looks ropey, as she appears in court after violating her rehab deal

However, looking at her parents’ jaded history and constant run-ins with the law, it’s hardly surprising that she has ended up repeating the same mistakes as the people she was nurtured by. On the surface, it seems to be a classic case of monkey see, monkey do.

Does Lindsay Lohan’s upbringing excuse her actions? Absolutely not, but at least we can certainly understand why she is the way she is, based upon her mother and father’s subversive dealings. In any family, the apple rarely falls far from the tree.

By: James Fenner (Op-Ed)

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