Lindsay’s Mom Dina Lohan In Trouble With The Law

Dina Lohan

Since she now has her license suspended, and finding herself in trouble with the law, Dina Lohan had to leave a suburban New York courthouse in a Rolls Royce which was driven by a chauffeur Tuesdayafter she entered a not guilty plea on the driving drunk and speeding charges she had hanging over her head.

Lindsay’s mom, who is 51, according to police records, was encircled by the same media that are most of the time centered on her infamous actress daughter, as she exited from a courthouse on Long Island after her court appearance. She was freed without any bail even though being in trouble with the law until her next scheduled court date on Oct. 23.

Lindsay was not with her mom, but apparently Dina Lohan’s elderly mother, Ann Sullivan, accompanied her to the court hearing.

The judge presiding over Lohan’s case, Joy Watson, let Lohan go without paying any bail but stated that her driver’s license be suspended indefinitely. That was due to the alleged DWI charge Lohan was slapped with.

New York state police arrested Lohan Sept. 12 when they stopped her for allegedly driving 77 mph on a 55 mph stretch of highway in Long Island while she was driving her white BMW. Officers have stated they found her blood-alcohol content to be at 0.20, which is more than double the legal limit of 0.08 in the state of New York.

They also said Lohan stated she had drunk Pinot Grigio while visiting a friend right before she was stopped, and mentioned she had had maybe two or three glasses of the alcohol. After she was told to stand on one leg, she wanted to know when she could stop and put her  leg down before she told to, it was reported in court.

The older Lohan had said the state troopers handled her very roughly as she was being cuffed, but she withdrew what she said and let EMT’s on scene know that she did not want any medical attention.

The police report turned in read that Lohan’s age at 51, not 50 as she tells everyone. Even at that age, she looked somewhat younger, arriving to court in a sweater dress belted at the middle, a blue overcoat, and black high heels.

Lohan’s attorney Mark Heller said his client did not have any sort of criminal past and has lived on Long Island all her life. She also  brought up four children as a single parent. But he made sure not to bring up any of the specific accusations that were listed against Lohan. She herself also failed to comment on any of them to the journalists surrounding her.

Dina Lohan’s was arrested only around nine miles from her Merrick, N.Y.  This happened just a few months since Lindsay finished her sixth stint in drug rehab for both alcohol and drug abuse.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey this past year, the younger Lohan acknowledged to having an addiction to alcohol. She then stated that that was a lead to going on to other drugs. Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, has also stated he has had to deal with drug and alcohol addiction. Now with Lindsay’s mom in trouble with the law, it has definitely stayed in the Lohan family.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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