Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Scandalous Memoir

Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Scandolous Memoir

Melissa Joan Hart has a book coming out.  Schedule to hit stores October 29, her memoir, entitled Melissa Explains it All is creating quite a buzz.  Apparently, this memoir reveals many details about the more scandalous side of Melissa Joan Hart in her youth.

In the book, she details her exploits while she went through her party phase in her late teens.  She discusses her past drug use, which included the use of marijuana, mescaline, ecstasy and mushrooms as well as naming some famous people she’s made out with.  She also talks about going to a photo shoot for Maxim magazine while still high on ecstasy.

Apparently, she fails to find Ashton Kutcher charming as well and has shown him the door at two separate parties.

Thankfully, her wild days did not lead to the incredibly public, epic meltdowns had by so many other child actors.  She didn’t enjoy doing drugs all that much so she eventually stopped experimenting.  “I don’t like the loss of control,” she said.

Instead she has managed to have a lucrative career incorporating all of her talents and interests.  That list includes, actress, singer, director, producer, and cartoon voice talent.  She also claims the title of entrepreneur thanks to running her own production company, Hartbreak Films as well as a candy store called, Sweetharts.  Her entertainment works have ranged over many mediums, from three successful television shows to some well known but slightly less raved about movies, several made for television movies, voice work, a reality show, and even a soundtrack contribution.  With news sources alight with the scandalous details of her memoir, Melissa Joan Hart reveals even more diversity in her grab bag of career ventures by adding author to the list.

Melissa Joan Hart started her career with commercials and several appearances in television and made for television movies before landing the lead role in the popular Nickelodeon show, Clarissa Explains it All.  In it she played Clarissa Darling, the charming, and ultra cool budding journalist.  Her endearing musings about life and the struggles and triumphs of a teenager won the show a large audience and boosted the genre of youth oriented television considerably.

After Clarissa Explains it All was canceled and the spinoff, Clarissa Now, was not picked up by any networks, Hart went on to star in the long running show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  Working with her mother she was able to capitalize on this franchise quite successfully, generating an animated series and multiple made for television movies.

During and after both of her popular series Hart made several appearances on television shows, including Are You Afraid of the Dark, Boy Meets World, That 70s Show and Robot Chicken.  She has also channeled her edgier side with parts like a teenage girl who has her parents killed in the Lifetime movie, Twisted Desire, and a teacher who preys on one of her students in an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

Her latest show, Melissa & Joey, features a grown up Hart demonstrating a more mature and integrated edge into her character.  Still characteristically enthusiastic and charming, she incorporates tongue in cheek references to wilder days.  Days that she appears to have a bit more real life experience in than previously thought.

Given the scandalous nature of the tidbits let slip leading up to the release of her memoir, it will be interesting to see what other amazing insight into her rebellious side Melissa Joan Hart reveals to her fans once the book is on the shelves.

Written by: Vanessa Blanchard

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